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New home gift baskets

New home gift baskets

LEED green clean


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What's included in the Leed green clean gift basket?

New homeowners are becoming more conscientious everyday. They want more than a place to rest their head, they want a place that fosters a sense of community that they can be proud of. Part of that pride comes from knowing that their new home is sustainably built. LEED has had a huge impact on changing perceptions in the market place. So for developers looking for LEED certification, you can pick up an extra LEED point by offering a 6-month supply of cleaning products to the new homeowners.

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  • All purpose spray
    Attitude, Montreal, Quebec
  • Window & mirror cleaner
    Attitude, Montreal, Quebec
  • Bathroom & mild mildew cleaner
    Attitude, Montreal, Quebec
  • Laundry detergent, 36 loads
    Attitude, Montreal, Quebec
  • Dishwashing liquid
    Attitude, Montreal, Quebec
  • Auto dishwasher tabs, 40 loads
    Attitude, Montreal, Quebec
  • Minimum order of 50 units. Call to inquire

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