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Saul Good gifts have always been designed to be thoughtful, enivronmentally friendly, and socially responsible. In order to maintain these standards, we've learned to be innovative and think critically about how our business operates. We're constantly searching for ways we can make Saul Good better. This means meeting local farmers in order to find BC's best organic products and enrolling in programs like Climate Smart to ensure that our business is running as efficiently as possible. Now we're very proud to announce that we've adopted 100% recycled cardboard for our trademark gift boxes and shipping materials.

As happy as we are about this development, this switch has been a long time coming. Saul Good has tried to source 100% recycled cardboard for three years, but we were told that because of structural issues no box company would source recycled board for us. This was discouraging, but we were determined to get our boxes as eco-friendly as possible. So recently we started doing some research and learning more about edge crush tests and corrugate weights. We took a look at our operations and realized that our boxes would likely not face the conditions in which virgin fibres are a key asset. Once we had all this information, we approached Great Little Box Co. and made it clear that we were adamant about 100% recycled cardboard. After some discussion, they agreed to begin sourcing recycled board for us. Perseverance triumphs!

We strongly believe that the many benefits of using recycled cardboard for all our gift boxes are well worth the effort, time, and added cost. We're very proud that now more than ever, we're producing gifts that are truly 100% good.