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What better time than the holidays to show your clients, employees, or partners a dose of meaningful appreciation? But with so many of us exchanging gifts during this festive time, the gifting journey often brings up some unexpected hurdles that we'd all love to avoid.

Luckily, we've been delivering corporate gifts across Canada and around the world for 16 years and are here to help make this journey smooth this season. So if corporate holiday gifting leaves you with a sense of dread, there's no need to worry! Our 12 do's and don'ts will steer you down the road to holiday gifting success –now, who wouldn't want that?

DO: Check Gifting Policy

Before choosing your gifts, it's best practice to look into any gifting policy your organization may have. Whether it's yours or your clients, it's always safer to consult your company handbook or human resources department if you are unsure about the corporate policies surrounding gifting.

DO: Plan in Advance

With the holidays being such a busy time of year, planning helps make gifting a stress-free process. For large custom and corporate orders, we suggest beginning your planning as early as September, but with experts like us on hand, we can also help you squeeze in some curated gifts well into November.

Gifting is a multilevel process, so if you've never coordinated gifts before, it's always best to consider unexpected delays that you may run into along the way:

  • shortage of inventory

  • collecting delivery details from clients

  • longer shipping delays during the holidays

  • bulk delivery of gifts

  • local vs international shipping deadlines

DO: Set Your Budget

No one likes to talk numbers, but the truth is budgeting can drastically alter the gifting experience. Setting your budget upfront allows you to be realistic about the gifts you choose and, believe it or not, sets the parameters for creativity to flourish. Luckily, our team is experienced in working with all types of budgets– none is too small or too big to make a meaningful impression.

DO: Customize Your Gifts

The little things matter in life and business, and the same applies to corporate gifting. Holiday gifting is a time to inject a little more heart into your gestures, and what better way to do so than by customizing your gifts?

Whether you choose to collaborate with us on a custom gift, opt for a curated gift, or select our branded gift options, a personal touch always leaves a lasting impression.

DO: Give Unique or Local Gifts

With clients receiving many gifts over the holidays, standing out from the rest is essential. If you want to go unnoticed, we recommend gifting that generic bottle of wine or a basic box of chocolates. But if a lasting and meaningful impression is what you're into, consider giving a unique or locally-sourced gift.

Our holiday gift boxes are brimming with Canada's best artisanal goodies and local gifts that deliver feel-good surprises. Gift-givers love our packages because they help convey their company values to others. So if your company believes in supporting local communities, giving back and high-quality goods, it's time to get in touch with our team to help tell your story this holiday.

DO: Get Creative & Make it Fun

After a long year of hard work, it's time to let loose and relax. Of course, a gift is a show of your appreciation, but it can also serve as an invitation for fun! Take, for example, the Lazy Sunday Morning gift box we created alongside Deloitte. The Saul Good team dreamed up and curated the gift to help Deloitte thank 1,000 leaders across Canada and Chile. Inside, leaders unboxed the ingredients to a relaxing and delicious Sunday morning featuring breakfast goodies and an assortment of holiday treats.

"Saul Good's commitment to sourcing local products was important to us, and in turn, allowed us to demonstrate our commitment to supporting small businesses all while celebrating our people. I was very pleased with the outcome." - Duncan Sinclair, Chair, Deloitte Canada and Chile

DO: Hand Deliver When Possible

As we've mentioned before, standing out is the game when it comes to holiday gifting. And nothing makes quite a lasting impression than hand delivery. It's the cherry on top of the gifting cake, you could say! With so many of us going remote (or hybrid), it's an excellent opportunity to catch up in real life if your gifting list is on the smaller side.

DON'T: Compromise on Quality

Showing appreciation isn't just about saying thank you, it's about telling a story that people feel compelled to share with others. Memorable gifting experiences that make people talk are best achieved through high-quality gifts. Sure, gift cards satisfy, but a quality gift is more likely to be talked about and remembered for years to come.


DON'T: Gift Alcohol And Questionable Goods

While many enjoy receiving alcohol as a personal gift, it is tricky regarding corporate gifting. Alcohol becomes a controversial gift when you don't know the person well enough to determine whether they have a challenging personal or family history with alcohol or whether their religious affiliations prohibit alcohol consumption. Learn more about alcohol and corporate gifts here.


DON'T: Disregard Shipping Deadlines

If there's one part of the gifting process that shouldn't be ignored, it's your shipping deadline. In our humble opinion, a late gift is a missed gifting opportunity, so it's always best to place your order to arrive in the first week of December. This step ensures that your recipients receive their gifts before the holiday break and well ahead of other holiday gifts.

DON'T: Make It Too Promotional

Showing appreciation is all about celebrating the recipient! When choosing gifts, it's best to place yourself in their shoes and consider what gifts will make the best impression. So while branding your cards and packaging is an excellent touch, branding every aspect of your gift may be overboard.

DON'T: Forget To Show Appreciation Throughout the Year

We all love gifting during the holidays, but there really is no right or wrong time to say thank you. In fact, corporations that embrace a culture of appreciation all year long employ happier and more productive employees. So if you need help transforming your holiday gifting strategy into an intrinsic part of your organization, get the conversation started with our team today.

It's time to start gifting! We hope these 12 must-know tips help you make the most of the holiday season. But if you're searching for additional support, our team is happy to help you build a holiday gifting program full of gratitude.