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We think that you and your team deserve a treat! On August 30th, take a trip back in time to a fabulous 50’s dessert party featuring some of BC's best local artisans. Dress in vintage attire and indulge! The delicious locally-made treats will include: vintage cocktails, chocolate, donuts and french pastry.

At the Saul Good Gift Co., we are thrilled to see this line-up of artisans coming together and we encourage you to share this experience with your colleagues (Book 5 tickets and get the 6th free!).

Each artisan at Vancouver's first dessert festival was carefully selected by the expertise of the Swallow Tail Culinary Group. This curated culinary experience is similar to sharing one of our Vancouver gift baskets with your team. Each item is handmade with love and the ethical sourcing of local ingredients nourishes our local economy.

This delicious event will be taking the form of a 1950‘s themed pop-up restaurant (one night only). Partial proceeds will be going to our friends at Growing Chefs. This local non-profit provides a forum for chefs, educators, growers, community groups, and families to further awareness of food sustainability.

Event Line-Up of Local Artisans and Chefs:

Cartems Donuterie

These donuts are full of fun creative flavours and quality ingredients that are sourced as close to home as possible. The Cartem’s pastry chefs bake fresh handmade donuts that are offered in gluten-free and vegan options. We think that these donuts are to die for!

Earnest Ice Cream

This local small batch ice cream company uses seansonal ingredients. Ben and Erica are committed to bringing you joy in a gorgeous glass jar. They use an all natural ingredients...and never mess around with chemical stabilizers or artificial colours. The Earnest folks will be making alcohol infused ice cream for the bar (among other things)!

Some Earnest flavours we love include:

  • Whiskey with butter salted hazelnut

  • Roasted rhubarb oat crumble

  • Cafe Etico Coffee

  • Maple Walnut

  • Rhubarb sorbet

....and many more!

Shawn Soole (from Clive's in Victoria)

Shawn will be creating vintage cocktails for this event. He was nominated International Bartender of the Year for 2012 by Tales Of The Cocktail.

Beverages will include: milkshakes, cocktails with house made bitters and aperitifs to bring back the fabulous 50s!

Beta 5 Chocolate

We are proud to feature Beta 5 in some of our local Vancouver gift baskets at Saul Good Gift Co. Adam and Jess are unique chocolatiers. They use the the best ingredients they can find. These small-batch chocolates use the “Beta-5” crystal structure, which is the most stable form of cocoa butter crystillization. Careful alignment of the BETA5 matrix results in their chocolates’ distinctive shine and crisp snap.

Geoff Van Hassel (French Pastry Chef at Che Baba)

Geoff is a local legend. At Che Baba, he helps keep the menu creative and seasonal. Ingredients are local when possible. At the dessert festival, there will be handmade macarons for you! Check out the video below for a behind-the-scenes look at how these macrons are made:

Event Details

Dress in Vintage Chic. Bow ties, slicked back hair, fedoras and poodle skirts.

Admission is $15. $5 of each ticket goes to Growing Chefs.

Group rate: book 5 get 6th free. 7-9pm or 9-11pm option. Vendors will be selling specialty items exclusive to this event. Tickets can be bought online at: http://bit.ly/SodaShoppe

Not Impressed
Friday, August 31st, 2012 at 6:37AM
This was a very disappointing evening. What exactly did my $15 admission pay for?

No music, no mingling, because the space is narrow and cramped. Only half of the people bothered to dress up. Drinks were $12 and the whole evening felt unorganized and unfriendly, and I had to pay for all the desserts.