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Last year, we brought you “2012 Top 5 Local Gift Ideas for Guys” and we decided to follow up with some fresh picks just in time for your last minute local father’s day shopping.


1. Heavy Shop Apron from The Window Community Art Shop







We are always excited to check out what’s new at this local social enterprise. You can always find fresh and unique products that are full of heart and hand-made goodness. We recommend this shop apron for all the artists, woodworkers, inventors and BBQ lovers in your life. When you purchase cool gifts from The Window, you can feel good that your purchase is going to support Vancouver's inner city artists and residents.



2. Reclaimed Wood Cheese Board from Union Wood




This cutting board is an ideal example of a gift that tells a story. It is literally made out of a piece of Vancouver’s history. The wood has been reclaimed from the rafters of a local brick and mortar that was once used as a police horse stable/livery. Their Railtown shop and studio is a fascinating shopping experience filled with unique and peculiar vintage rarities.



3. Self-Watering Patch Planters





Everyone needs a little greenery…even if you aren’t blessed with a green thumb. The beauty of Patch Planters is that they are designed to empower everyone to have awesome thriving edibles in their homes. The planters are designed to maintain the perfect level of moisture, so that you don’t have to second-guess your watering style.



4. Upcycled Inner-tube Bags from Alchemy Goods




Give the gift of a fresh, professional and eco-friendly fashion statement. This laptop bag tells the story of taking discarded inner-tubes & seat belts and creating something of great value. It is a story of innovation, resilience and resourcefulness. This gift can function as a fantastic complement for the innovator in your life. Made in Seattle.



5. Local Craft Beer 



Saul Brown, our Chief Story Officer, has selected the following beers for his top local picks this season:


  • Old Jalopy Pale Ale by Powell Street Craft Brewery, Vancouver, BC.


A hop forward West coast style unfiltered pale ale. Recently won Canadian Beer Award 'beer of the year'. Go down to the brewery and pick up a growler for your pa. It’ll be a gift that keeps on keepin on.


  • Bottle Rocket ISA by Phillips Brewing, Victoria, BC




This is a session ale, meaning that its brewed so you can drink a few and not get sloshed. Only 5% alcohol. It is light, crispy and refreshing with a surprisingly fine hop taste. Saul's summer beer of choice!



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