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Connectivity and relationships build the foundation of thriving corporate cultures. In order to maintain strong relationships, it is essential to give the right gifts to the right people. Thoughtfulness is always more important than cost. If gift-giving is executed poorly, it can cause more harm than good.

Over the last 5 years I’ve learned a lot about corporate gift baskets. The following tips are helpful insights that will allow you to express your appreciation to all of your wonderful employees, clients and networks.

1. Be memorable! A great gift is like a great conversation. Think about what you want to say. Do you want to say thank you? Do you want to let the recipient know a bit about your business? If you want to stand out as memorable, it is important to communicate what you remember about the gift recipient. When your gift references a previous conversation, it indicates that you are actively listening and engaged in the relationship you are building.

2. Be consistent. If you are creative and innovative, it is ideal to give a gift that is creative and innovative. Nothing says stagnant thinking like a big basket wrapped in cellophane and a giant ribbon. An over-packaged gift experience is like an insincere conversation that is cluttered with empty compliments. Why would you give someone large amounts of shiny plastic that can’t be recycled? Ever wonder what happens to those little jams and shelf stable cheese? So do we.

3. Be Sustainable. Sustainable gifts show thoughtfulness for the gift recipient and the planet.

4. Be subtle with your branding. You want to stay top of mind with the gift you’re giving, not make someone feel like a walking advertisement. It's tempting to want to put your logo all over everything that you're sending out. However, big noisy logos are like conversations where one person is talking about themselves the entire time. Most listeners will tune out. Be mindful about how you want people to interact and use your gift for years to come. A useful gift with a subtle touch of your logo creates an ongoing friendly reminder of your business throughout the year.

5. Be Authentic. Consider delivering your gifts personally. When you can look someone in the eye and shake their hand, you are creating an impression that is more memorable than any other means of communication. If you cannot be physically present, you can facilitate a meaningful connection through a customized greeting. This instills a personalized experience. The gift recipient will enjoy the fact that this gift is special. When a gift is special and personal, you are creating an authentic and long lasting impression.