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Did you know that our school budgets do not allow for one book per child? Our literary resources are depleted. What can we do to replenish the shelves of school libraries? Adopt a School is providing an innovative solution that allows any one of us to give the gift of reading as we purchase holiday gifts.

Kiss that last box of chocolate almonds goodbye! There's no need to buy pizza coupons or boxes of cookies to support the school fundraiser any more.

Fundraising for schools has just been upgraded.

When I buy a $25 gift card through the Adopt A School program, I not only get $25 worth of books (which would be fair enough) but I also get to support your kid's school. I win, you win and Indigo wins too. The program builds goodwill in the community and we all get to feel good about shopping at a socially responsible business. Hundreds of schools across Canada are on board, check to see if there's one in your community.

Holiday gift ideas

Step #1 Pre-buy gift cards, (especially if you plan any holiday gift shopping at Chapters / Indigo).

Step #2 Help spread the word as these special gift cards can only be bought until Oct. 1st.

Adopt A School is a program from our friends at Better The World, a leader in connecting corporations with community. They were also the first Canadian B Corporation (a group that Saul Good Gift Co. is proudly aligned with).

I was lucky to meet the folks behind Better The World at a conference in Toronto called In Good Company. It is always great to meet like-minded entrepreneurs who are passionate about social and environmental issues. When this passion is translated into innovative business, their work become a source of inspiration that creates value for everyone. That's what new school business is all about!