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The people have spoken! Because of controversy around micro hydro run of river projects in BC our GPC (green power certificate) provider Bullfrog Power has moved towards 100% BC produced wind power. Bear Mountain Wind Park is a 102 MW renewable energy project near Dawson Creek, the first operational wind power project in BC. In total there are 34 turbines which cover approximately 25 hectares along the ridge of the mountain. The mainly forested ridge has been used for cattle grazing while surrounding areas on the mountain are open for hiking and cross country skiing. In March of 2009 we became founding business members of Bullfrog in BC and are happy to see that this work is now fully supporting renewable energy projects in the province.

What are GPC's?

We purchase GPC's, or Green Power Certificates, for all the electricity we use in our office and warehouse. Based on the amount of electicity we use, the equivilant amount of electricity is produced by the wind turbines at Bear Mountain and put into the grid used in the Peace region of BC. Although marginally more expensive than the hydro electricity we purchase from BC Hydro, we see value in sending a message to the market that there is demand and support for more renewable sources of energy. Helping to get projects like this off the ground Bullfrog influences the market by unifying the voices of individuals and businesses.