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A spa gift experience is always a kind gesture. It indicates that you want the gift recipient to take time to indulge themselves with a relaxing experience. Unfortunately, many spa products contain chemicals and parabens. Wouldn't you rather give a spa gift basket that is pure, local and nourishing?


At the Saul Good Gift Co., we were excited to discover a pure, locally-made line of indulgent artisan spa products. Belmondo is Italian for ‘beautiful world.’ Each product carries a poetic title (the cloud, the petal, the dew). The Belmondo organic skin care line is designed around the daily rituals of caring for yourself. The ingredients are organic and sourced fair trade whenever possible. Each product provides the opportunity to love yourself and love the earth.


Daniela Belmondo is the creator of these local organic spa products. She is a professional esthetician and she believes that beautiful skin comes from healing and restoration. Her products are derived from the earth’s pure and restorative ingredients. Through nourishing and protecting skin, natural beauty is enhanced. One of Daniela's favourite ingredients is olive oil. She sources her organic olive oil from Italy, where her family tree has roots.

In addition to providing nourishment and purity, the Belmondo skin care line has a deeper purpose; To encourage people to take time for themselves daily (even if it's just 5 minutes). Daniela's core passion is to help educate people about the importance of taking time out for themselves. In order to have a relationship with anyone or anything, it is most important to care for yourself.