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Signed, sealed and delivered - Saul Good is now Bullfrog Powered! I just signed up my company to purchase Green Power Certificates (GPCs) from Bullfrog Power, this means that for the amount of electricity I use in my business Bullfrog supports renewable energy projects in BC & Alberta to generate that electricity. It's an easy way to show support for changing the energy industry and building awareness for low impact sources of power.

EcoLogo certified


EcoLogo is a thrid party organization that makes sure the low impact hydro and wind power generators that Bullfrog works with actually generate and add the amount of energy used by my business into the BC or Alberta electricity grid. Third party verification is important as it adds assurance that claims and benefits are valid, building confidence in the market.

Benefits of Green Power

Reducing greenhouse gas emmissions (GHGs)

Although most of the electricity generated in BC comes from hydro electricity some of it is generated by coal fired power plants in Alberta. By purchasing Bullfrog green power certificates we're reducing the demand for coal powered electricity and their respected GHGs.

Supporting the local development of renewable energy

I want to see BC and western Canada as leaders in the renewable energy industry. Bullfrog makes it easy to support local projects that move our society towards more widespread development of renewable energy. The wind power projects near Pincher Creek Alberta are a good example of how Bullfrog has helped to make renewable energy projects happen.

3 Reason's Why I like Bullfrog Power

1) direct investment into local renewable power projects

  • I (heart) local

2) prompt and friendly service

  • received my quote within a couple days

  • personal visit from Bullfrog employees to talk about their program and address my questions

3) few barriers to participate

  • even though I lease my space and don't pay my electricity bills directly I was able to purchase GPCs based on my square footage