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At the end of this week, I’ll be leaving my post as Director of Operations at Saul Good Gift Co. to explore other passions. It’s been such a treat and privilege to work with all the great clients, suppliers, and partners of Saul Good, and I wanted to briefly share my Saul Good story as a way to pay tribute to all the amazing connections and important lessons that I’ve come by over the past year and a half.


When I came to Vancouver two years ago, I was feeling a bit unmoored. I was leaving my network, friends, career, and partner in Seattle because I felt compelled to take advantage of my one shot at building a future in Canada. So, now that I was here, what to do?


I took stock of my professional experience and thought carefully about what I wanted to learn and how I wanted to grow. Above all, I realized I wanted an opportunity to connect with this new city and find a rewarding project that I could fully throw myself into. I realized I really wanted to learn what it’s like to run a small business; to take some of the polish off the word “entrepreneur.”


I was hungry for an environment where every day was unique, where I could shoulder the responsibility of helping an idea grow and flourish. I also wanted my work to contribute meaningfully to my community and the world. Imagine my delight when I began to realize the strength and breadth of the “green entrepreneur” sector in Vancouver! So when I found Saul Good, I didn’t so much think as feel, “This is it.”


At first, I wasn’t sure about working in the world of corporate gifts. I had always thought it was a stiff and kitschy industry. But I quickly realized that Saul Good was not a traditional business. Here, the key to business was building relationships, providing a high quality product, and creating win-win situations.


Saul Good, and a growing number of Vancouver entrepreneurs I came to meet, realized that collaboration and responsibility are better than competition and wanton profit. I immediately identified with this model and through my work, built great connections with local suppliers, terrific clients, and inspiring community partners. My work at Saul Good complimented and enriched my life away from the office. It’s the way business should be.


Looking back, I'm simply amazed by all that two driven people have managed to accomplish, and I have no doubt that the business is going to continue its trajectory of success and growth. At Saul Good, I had the chance to experience every facet of running a small business, from accounting to web strategy, and I'm incredibly grateful for that education. I’m also so thankful for the invaluable friendships I've made through this company. I’ve truly treasured my time working with you all, and I look forward to remaining Good friends.


Please feel free to stay in touch at: alex.e.grant (at) gmail. We'll also be introducing the new Operations Director, Dan Chalmers (dan(at)itsaulgood.com), in the coming days. Thanks again and hope to see you around Vancouver soon!