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Listen to the people. Market research has been a tried, tested and true method for making educated business decisions since the beginning of consumerism. With an ever increasing number of people using the internet there are ways to engage with consumers and learn from them to make better business decisions.

Web 2.0 is about listening to and engaging your target market

It’s about conversation and dialogue. Engaging your audience helps you learn about the attitudes, beliefs and preferences of your clients, prospects, community and other stakeholders. It’s not about telling people how great you are, the value is found in connecting with people around shared interests. Social media is changing how consumers interact with business, through blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube consumers engage with companies and content they find interesting. Being able to vote on what's important and of interest, and share feedback and ideas, helps to build an engaged community of consumers who help to improve your business.

Gifts That Give Back

We’re excited to launch our new Gifts That Give Back program which solicits the people who receive our gifts to vote for the non-profit cause of their choice. Votes are tallied on our website where recipients log in, fill out a form, let us know about their experience and the cause of their choice. We’ve preselected three to start the program off as a starting point, choosing non-profit organizations that have missions’ aligned with our business. 1% of our sales are then donated to these organizations, verified by One Percent For the Planet, a third party organization whose mission is to encourage more businesses to contribute philanthropically in the communities in which they operate. How are you going to spend your vote?