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Gifts can make people feel good. If thoughtful and considered, the act of both giving and receiving gifts can help you grow your business in a meaningful way. Questions I often ask myself when I'm sourcing items for our gift basket business include:

- Where did this come from?

- Who made it?

- What's their story and what makes this interesting?

Quality of a product is more than how it looks and tastes. How does it make us feel? We strive to create meaningful gifts that make people feel good. Even if not local, Fair Trade items often fill this void and we're happy to have some in our gift arsenal.

Gifts can be a lot more than "stuff"

Buying Fair Trade products is one way you can make sure that your gifts came from a good place. Its a third party verification that assures consumers that workers were paid fairly and money is flowing into the communities the products are coming from.

Fair Trade Vancouver Holiday Gift Show

On Saturday December 4th from 11am to 7pm at Performance Works on Granville Island (1218 Cartwright St.) Fair Trade Vancouver is hosting a gift fair to help you with your holiday shopping. Saul Good Gift Co. will be there with a variety of fair trade gift baskets and locally sourced artisan gift ideas and stocking stuffers. Other great vendors include Cocoa Camino, Ethical Bean and our friends at Cafe Etico, a great social enterprise that supports the development of farming co-ops in South America.

3 Reasons why Fair Trade Vancouver is Saul Good

1) Their goal is to get more fair trade products purchased in Vancouver in the aggregate. That's more tonnes of coffee, bananas and chocolate coming from fair labour sources.

2) Fair Trade improves peoples' lives. That makes me feel good, knowing that it's not just about me and what I consume, but also how it positively affects the people we rely on for our standard of living. It connects us to the World in an ethical way.

3) Fun. Besides the fair trade gift fair they've got a party lined up starting at 6:30pm.