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The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a leading international organization that's developed comprehensive standards for sustainable forestry. They work with the entire supply chain in the forest products industry, from wood lots to product manufacturers, to ensure chain of custody assurance that the wood and fibre used in products came from a sustainabily managed forest.

Working with Ecotrust Canada - FSC group

Over the last year I've been working with Orrin Quinn at Ecotrust Canada, helping Tradeworks Custom Products, a social enterprise that trains women in carpentry living in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, attain FSC chain of custody certification. The Ecotrust program helps organizations get FSC certified, providing assistance with the process and contacts to source FSC lumber. Orrin has been great to work with and I recommended him to various furniture manufacturers that are looking at going FSC. The price of FSC lumber is more expensive but the value is in assurance of environmental responsibility and the story that comes with it. The first FSC certified product that Tradeworks produced was in partnership with Saul Good and Eclipse Awards, making red cedar picture frames for BC Hyrdo Power Smart. The wood came from Iisaak Forest Resources, a First Nation's owned forestry company in Ucluelet, BC. It's been really exciting to work with all these companies and social enterprises, making sure that everyone get's what they need and finding ways to communicate the values and story behind these amazing products.

Custom FSC certified product manufacturing

Saul Good is an official distributor for Tradeworks and we're happy to help companies develop custom FSC wood products. FSC products are a great way to support sustainable forestry, a much needed framework to protect our natural resources and work with communities for a long term solution to natural resource use in the forestry sector. I know Orrin is keen to work with more companies as well so if you're interested in getting your business certified please let me know and I'll be happy to put you in touch.