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Compassion and kindness transcends all religious denominations. The act of giving is a privilege and a universal human need. When you purchase a meal for UGM, you are providing an experience that is nourishing, dignified and served by our local community. The staff and volunteers of the UGM take great pride in every detail of their work. The UGM annual holiday meal program is just down the street from our Vancouver office.


Large event tents are assembled and beautiful meals are served to over 2000 Downtown Eastside residents. Although a holiday meal will not fix all of life's problems, it provides mental, emotional and physical support during a time that can be difficult for anyone who is facing hardships. We see first-hand how UGM helps people in need in our neighbourhood. They really do a great job and do good work.


 The UGM has streamlined their processes for fundraising, so that helping out is a smooth and simple experience. You can donate $39.48 to provide 12 Christmas meals, $69.09 to provide 21, $125.02 to provide 38, or any other amount you would like to contribute.



Donate by clicking here: https://www.ugm.ca/donate/



Follow the UGM on Twitter: @ugm + Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uniongospelmission