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Yesterday afternoon I had the honor to hear and meet Favianna Rodriguez, an amazing artist living in Oakland, CA where she's been working to develop a vibrant arts community through a community center and social housing initiative. Art as social media, communicating a story about diversity and issues such as war, immigration, and globalization. Her prints are captivating and I couldn't resist taking home the Green is Not White one as seen above. As a white male coming from a place of privilage it's easy to be blinded by all the advantages and oportunities I've been gifted and lack of barriers to make things happen. I am aware of this as I've seen and felt the experience of people I've been working with, particularly the women of Tradeworks Custom Products and my work in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (DTES). I love the art, not only esthetically but also and equally important in the message as a reminder as I grow my Saul Good with vision to improve and address social and environmental issues through business. The power of visual images to affect peoples' thinking and behaviour is an amazing opportunity to create change and I hope to see the arts flourish as part of the Strathcona Green Zone, the greening of the DTES. Thanks to our friends at W2 Community Media Arts for hosting this great event and bringing in Favianna!