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The Green Zebra guide - local savings for sustainable living, is a great corporate gift to give employees to encourage a culture for sustainability and green business within your organization. Culture is king and how people behave dictates if business strategy is executed or just talked about. The Green Zebra guide is the Entertainment book for green living, filled with coupons and offers for local, health and environmental products and services. Yoga classes, health food stores, restaurants, attractions, hotels and yes, even gift basket businesses have coupons inside, many of value worth more than the $20 purchase price of the book. If you're wondering how to get your employees to bring sustainability into the work place, why don't you try to get them to bring it into their lives. If they like it, they'll bring it to work and feel good about it too.

Sustainable business doesn't work if its another thing for your employees to do. More tasks and more things to be responsible for in their job description. Green business flourishes when it's just how people do their job. It's part of the culture of how decisions are made, how opportunities turn are executed, the questions people ask and the answers they have. It's been well proven that sustainability can save companies money in HR, retaining employees for longer periods of time, increasing productivity and decreasing costs associated with training and lost knowledge and experience when people leave. When your employees bring their values to work they love their jobs, at least aspects of their jobs, and feel good knowing that their energy day in day out is going to improve the world in some way. If you're looking for more info on this subject I recommend reading 'The Sustainability Advantage' by Bob Willard. I've had the pleasure to meet Bob numberous times over the last few years at the Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI) and also at the CBSR Summit, an annual day long conference on corporate social responsibility in Canada.

Top 3 Things We Value in Green Zebra

  1. Save money - try new products, restraunts and services with less risk. Some will be good, some not so much but you will find things that you enjoy that you might have not tried without a little incentive.

  2. TB Vets - a portion of revenue gets donated to TB Vets, helping to improve health for residents in BC

  3. Build a corporate culture that embraces sustainability - a significant value driver for bottom line benefits in your business. Giving people a coupon book isn't going to change your culture overnight. People build culture. But managment can help to steer the ship and as people try greening their personal lives in ways they enjoy they'll start to bring their behaviours to work. This is something that your can't train in a workshop or buy.