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Last Christmas, one of our Vancouver gift baskets was sent to Sara Karby. It started out like any other gift experience...but suddenly, something sparked as Sara began to open her gift and dig into the delectable delights within. This unexpected spark reminded her that she had wanted to feature her confections in Saul Good's Vancouver gift basketsAs Sara indulged her senses in ginger chocolate cookies and caramel pretzels, she felt inspired to pursue her dream to launch “Batch Sweet Kitchen”, her line of local small-batch artisan confections.


Eventually, Sara approached us and shared her dream. We are so glad that she did! This delicious dream involves the best caramelized popcorn we have ever encountered in the history of our artisan adventures. Featuring toasted pecans sprinkled with sea salt.


It is our extreme pleasure and honour to feature Sara’s (@skarby) caramelized popcorn in our chocolate gift baskets and Christmas gift baskets this holiday season.

If you're lucky enough to receive one of our gift baskets we hope you enjoy Batch Sweet Kitchen as much as we do. And if it helps remind you of your dream to become an artisan baker or chocolatier, most definitely give us a call.