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The best coffee in BC originated in the Gulf Islands beyond the shore of our rainy west coast. It all began in a quaint coffee shop on Salt Spring Island that was so delightful, it began overflowing with customers. As this little shop began growing, it took on a larger personality. The founders functioned as diligent parents and relentlessly reinforced the core values of the original vision: "Great coffee that doesn't compromise the earth."



When Salt Spring Coffee hit the mainland, it proceeded to expand and influence the coffee industry on an international level. Although large corporations began to dominate cafe culture with shops on every city block, the popularity of micro-roasting coffee has increasingly become the norm. Salt Spring Coffee helped to make this happen and their influence is more important than most of us realize.





Mickey McLeod and his wife Robyn Scott (above) are the co-founders of Salt Spring Coffee. According to Mickey, coffee is the second largest traded commodity behind oil! This means that we all have the power to transform a major global industry by simply buying good coffee from good people.



Saul Good Gift Co. is fiercely committed to finding the best artisan products for our local Vancouver gifts. We believe that Salt Spring Coffee is the best coffee in BC. Besides artfully sourcing and roasting world class coffee, you’ll find a few reasons why Salt Spring Coffee is steps above the rest.



Achieving Artisan Excellence



Salt Spring Coffee is part of the upper echelon in the world’s coffee industry. This is evident in how they grow, process and roast coffee. Their signature Ethiopia Amaro Gayo coffee was recently selected to be served at TED 2013 in Long Beach and Palm Springs, CA. It was selected from submissions for single cup pour-over service in an open process overseen by The Barista Guild of America and the Roasters Guild, two organizations of culinary professionals within the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA).



We had the honor of tasting the Amaro Gayo last month at a local coffee tasting hosted by Vancouver Coffee Shop, Momento. We were fascinated by how the unique flavours changed according to different brewing methods.




Doing Good for People and the Planet


In 2007, Salt Spring Coffee became the first coffee roaster in Canada to become carbon neutral. As one of Canada’s largest micro-roasters, they produce 3,500 pounds of coffee a day, and $10 million of coffee annually. Today being carbon neutral is the norm for fair trade organic coffee and Salt Spring has been there since the beginning. Salt Spring Island might very well be The Garden of Eden.



At “origin” where their coffee is grown, they work directly with growers and co-ops through their pioneering program: Fair to Farmer. Over the last few years we’ve increasingly seen more and more ‘direct trade’ relationships in the coffee industry. We’re in good company with Salt Spring Coffee as members of 1% For The Planet, LOCO BC and B Corp.



Salt Spring Coffee has become part of our daily ritual at Saul Good. The Metta Espresso is our go to complemented by their in season varietals. If you enjoy coffee you’ll love Salt Spring, 100% Saul Good guaranteed.