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Employees are a gift and in this light we want to welcome Jamie Bryant, a new addition to our team. Like any great local gift, Jamie carries a unique local story. The chapter of the story that brought her to Saul Good Gift Co. involves Jamie’s experience reclaiming her cultural roots and the Vancity event with Paul Hawken last fall.


Jamie’s care for people and planet took on a new meaning when she began the process of reconnecting with her First Nations heritage. Her grandmother was We-Wai-Kai First Nations from Quadra Island, but she lost her status when she married an Englishman.


A bill was recently passed that allows grandchildren of First Nations citizens to reclaim what was taken away from their grandparents. When Jamie sought to retrieve these pieces of herself, she was welcomed into a treaty meeting where three bands work together as a unified community. Although she had never met any of these people, they were all related and working towards collective goals.


Jamie was taken aback by the power of this interconnectivity. As this experience unfolded, she began to think about how this approach could translate into larger environmental and economic issues.


At the Vancity Paul Hawken event, Jamie realized that a similar process of interconnectivity was playing out in Vancouver through local businesses living and growing within the local economic ecosystem. Instead of functioning like isolated entities, our local businesses are working together to create an interesting place for us all to live and work.


Jamie is looking forward to making a difference....and helping us with the strenuous task of sampling local organic treats. Her favorite so far is the handmade white chocolate bark with candied ginger and matcha by Schokolade.