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The Olla Flower Project was created by Megan Branson and Dionne Finch. According to Megan, these two women wove together a true obsession for plants and flowers with a vision: A small business committed to community engagement and sustainable flower production.






Flowers are a great gift that activates a multi-sensory experience of beauty. Although flowers are a gift that rarely fail...Do you ever wonder how can we take this traditional gift to the next level of creativity, thoughtfulness and meaning? Olla flower arrangements carry a great story and unique beauty.



5 Reasons why we love the Olla Urban Flower Project



1. Creativity: These arrangements are living art. When someone receives an Olla creation and places it in their home or office, they are given the gift of great conversations. Each person will have their own interpretation of what they see. Olla’s designs “focus the eye on the beauty of each botanical element whether it be a minimalist or opulent arrangement”. In addition to bouquets, Olla creates terrariums, living walls and many other objects of beauty.





2. Local and organic: Every stem used in each flower design is sourced from an urban farm/garden, a local farm/greenhouse, or it is from a Fair Trade/Veriflora certified farm. Arrangements feature flowers from British Columbia’s interior: Bathtub Gardens in beautiful Pemberton Valley and Okanagan Fair Flowers in Similkameen valley. Olla has also worked with the SOLEfood urban farm in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side.





3. Socially Responsible: Olla is a social enterprise that is accountable to the community. It is a business that is designed to generate jobs and prosperity in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. In addition to generating socio-economic goodness, Olla spreads beauty throughout the community with re-purposed bouquets. When a corporate event is over, Olla helps prolong the life of the flowers by redirecting them towards organizations operating in the DTES.




4. Environmentally Responsible: All green waste is sent to local composting projects and Olla is working with suppliers to decrease packaging. Flowers and foliage are local whenever possible and certified organic.





5. Unique and long lasting: My bouquet can last up to a month if the water is refreshed and the stems are trimmed every few days. It can also become an awesome dried arrangement that lasts years. There is an abundance of uniqueness that expands beyond these bouquets. Check out the Olla Flower Project in person!