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The Strathcona Business Improvement Association (SBIA) recently announced that thanks to a grant from Vancity it’s looking to hire a fulltime project manager whose duties will include weaving a robust materials exchange network between businesses in the Downtown Eastside. The goal of the project is to build connections between local business owners and identify innovative uses of discarded materials and by-products. By talking to business leaders you realize that a clothing manufacturer’s offcuts are valuable rags for a screenprinting company and the woodshop down the street could use all those flattened boxes you’ve got out back.

We’re thrilled with this announcement, because we’ve been operating a small materials exchange with a few of our friends in the neighbourhood and it’s been a huge help to our businesses. Now that the SBIA has the funds and will soon have the personnel, we’re looking forward to participating in a network that’s bigger, more robust, and even better for the community.