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Some jobs have their perks. One of mine is that I get to try all kinds of new local, organic and health food products for our Vancouver gift baskets. Yesterday I took a tour of one of our suppliers and got to try the newest flavour of Hippie Chips in Burnaby, BC. Tuscan Tomato is awesome, it's well spiced and savoury, not too sweet and nice and crunchy. It pairs real well with Aji (see 'Best Guacamole in Town') which is kind of tart and the combo is balanced and tastes nice. Some of the other flavours of Hippie Chips I found a bit grainy, a bit of overkill on those ancient grains with the Amaranth and Millet. Even though the Tuscan Tomato has red lentils and brown rice along with the stone ground corn, their texture is clean and not super earthy.

Top 3 things good about Tuscan Tomato Hippie Chips

1) The pink bag! It's the most vibrant of the group and grabbed my attention. Who'd a thunk it?

2) Not too sweet. I'm on a salty savoury kick and these are just right.

3) No shady genetically modifed hydrogenated ingredients. These chips are made with whole grains, organic roma tomatoes and spiced naturally with organic onion, basil and sea salt.