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Everyone is good at something. As Saul Good grows I'm doing my best to build a team of inspired people who not only love what they do but also excel at what they do best. It's about contributing with excellence for the benefits of the whole and for me, letting go of doing everything. Understanding that there are people who are better than me at things is key to letting go and building empowered teams.

Top 3 Learnings

1) Encourage contribution. Show interest in people's passions, both personally and professionally, and allow them to integrate what they love into their work.

2) Know that you're not always right. Perspectives beside one's own may be more insightful. This is essential to leaveraging the value of diversity.

3) Be an expert. Do what you do and do it really well. Quality is key to excellence. Trying new things and learning new skills also needs to be encouraged and supported. Learning from the expertise of others is a good way to explore this.

Rule # 6 is part of my ongoing learnings and rules of business. Check out the Saul Good Top 5 Rules of Business for more.