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If you’ve received a Saul Good gift box recently, you’ve probably noticed that there's some unique shredded paper inside. Well it’s more than just pretty confetti, it’s an example of sustainability in action!

Here’s the story: Last summer we were buying cases of recycled paper that we then put through a shredder and used as insulating filling for the gift items. We hated buying so much paper just to shred it and send it back out the door to end up as waste. We knew we could do something smarter. We experimented with cut-up phone books (too thin) and shredded leftover plastic (too slippery) before we realized that just regular shredded paper was the best solution. After a little head scratching, we asked our good friends at Marine Printers down the road if they knew anyone who had lots of extra shred. They replied that they were paying a recycling company to take away barrelfuls of their offcuts each week, which had the same thickness as shredded paper. They also had the bonus of being attractive and distinctive. So, we asked if we could take that paper off their hands, and a materials exchange was born!! We've really enjoyed building a mutually beneficial relationship with Marine Priners, and it's been a totally smooth road.

We’ve gotten a lot of compliments and questions about our paper, and we’re searching for the best way to tell the cool story behind it. Keep an eye out for some new and improved Saul Good Gift boxes coming later this year!