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We love to brag about the incredible talent we feature in our gift baskets. In previous stories, we have showcased a sampling of artisans from BC (3 Brilliant BC Mompreneurs)  and from Alberta  (Artisans from the Heart of Alberta). In the story below, we are highlighting three fabulous Toronto confectioners featured in our newly-curated Canada gift baskets. Please stay tuned for more stories about our artisans from Ontario and all across Canada.


David H. Chow - Engineer-turned-pastry chef

David has a dynamic approach to chocolate and pastry. In his previous life, he was an engineer. If you look at his work over time, you can see the thought process that could only originate from the mind of an engineer. David explores his craft like an art and a science that flows and evolves. We can never predict what David will try next. The only constant variable is that he is continually recognized as one of Toronto's top pastry chefs and chocolatiers.



Over the past decade, David has cultivated a unique style that has sent ripples all over the world. His legendary status does not change his child-like curiosity and warm demeanor. You can visit his Toronto shops and explore his repertoire. You can also sample his delightful products in our Canada gift baskets.


Laura Slack Chocolate - Edible art

Laura Slack creates edible art. She has been a baker since childhood and she has trained professionally throughout her life. From gorgeously designed chocolate bars to large chocolate skulls, you can rely on Laura to please your eyes, palette, heart and mind.




The packaging and structure of Laura's confections demonstrate the top-shelf quality. When you experience her products, you will taste the thoughtfulness and expertise that she pours into each hand-crafted creation. You can find Laura's incredible products in our Canada gift baskets. You can also find her Lion’s Paw liquid salted caramel truffle on the dessert menu at Nota Bene Restaurant.



Roselle (Steph & Bruce) - French-inspired desserts

These two lovebirds met while honing their craft in France. Their collaborative style is rooted in French traditions and their experience is international. Steph and Bruce have both worked in Michelin-starred kitchens in Europe and Asia.




Roselle was created with a lot of heart and soul. It was a dream that floated through their minds during travels abroad. This dream then landed back in Toronto where they created a venue for their creations. You can visit their shop in Toronto and find their delightful creations in our Canada gift baskets (below).