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As the Saul Good Gift Co. continues to grow, we have to stay focused on minimizing our environmental impact. One of the most important ways that we reduce our environmental footprint involves transportation and gift delivery.


When we deliver local gifts in Vancouver, we love choosing one of our city’s unique delivery methods. Since we live in one of the greenest cities in the world, we have a wide range of options for local gift delivery in Vancouver. It can sometimes be overwhelming! In an effort to promote more sustainable delivery options...and make it easier for you to choose...we have selected our top 3.

Unique Gift Delivery in Vancouver : Our Top 3 Picks

1) Shift Urban Cargo Delivery: You may have spotted the fine folks from SHIFT rolling around town. Since August 2011, SHIFT has been replacing conventional delivery trucks in downtown Vancouver. They use cargo trikes to haul deliveries that are up to 300 lbs.


We have so much love for this coop that we decided to make a music video about them! Our video features a gift basket delivery to a downtown Vancouver condo.


2) MODO pioneered carsharing in Vancouver over 16 years ago. They were the first English speaking carshare in the world and they continue to expand at an exponential rate. Modo now has 8,000+ members, who drive 280+ vehicles at the lowest rates in the city. Vancouver is fortunate to be home to such an amazing community builder and a leader in sustainable transportation.


Last year, Saul Good Gift Co. was featured in a video that explained the value of MODO for local businesses.


 3) NOVEX can also be categorized as a "pioneer". They launched the first Carbon Neutral courier service in North America. This progressive company made the first proactive steps towards reducing environmental impact and developing sustainable business practices.



The vehicles for delivery include hybrids, natural gas and Biodiesel. These delivery options save approximately 88 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions every year. Through Offsetters climate solutions, they were able to achieve carbon neutral status by purchasing premium quality offsets derived from BC based projects. Its always fun to see an order of gift baskets being loaded onto the Novex electric truck!



For shipping outside the City of Vancouver we use a variety of shipping methods. We still use Novex to courier gifts going to Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster and North Vancouver and tend to choose FedEx for orders further abroad to places like Surrey, Langley, Delta and Coquitlam. Gift baskets delivered through BC, Alberta and Canada travel via FedEx.