Get the goods: Your guide to thoughtful gifting

Discover the magic behind every basket as we guide you through unique gift inspirations, explore cities one bite at a time, and shine a light on the artisans who craft love into every product.

Office team shares a gift full of treats

12 Meaningful Low-Cost Gifts - Appreciating Your Employees on a Budget

Discover meaningful low-cost gifts for employee appreciation. Foster loyalty, boost morale and celebrate your team without overspending.

A selection of Montreal's best treats and coffee

Montreal’s Best Desserts, Cafés and Sweet Food Stops

Experience the magic of Montreal desserts. Dive deep into patisseries, chocolatiers, and the city's best sugary delights.

sharing a holiday experience with your clients

10 Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Clients

Discover 10 budget-friendly client gift ideas. Strengthen bonds without breaking the bank; it's the thought that counts.

How to Write A Thank You Message for Business - 10 Practical Examples

Unsure of how to write a thank you message for business? We've got you! Saul Good has all the tips and tricks you need to make your thank you note perfect.

Meet the Artisans: Sloane Tea

Looking for a memorable tea experience? You must try Sloane Tea Artisan. It's a delicious blend of the finest quality that will leave you wanting more.

gently placing canadian artisan chocolate on tray

Canada's Best Artisan Chocolate: Winners from the International Chocolate awards

Looking for the best artisan chocolate in Canada? You need to try Saul Good. Our chocolates are made with only the finest ingredients and are locally sourced.

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thomas haas chocolate vancouver

Meet the Artisan: Thomas Haas Chocolates, Vancouver, BC

Thomas Haas is a premium chocolate maker with cafes in Vancouver. Shop online for the best selection of Thomas Haas chocolate and gift baskets.

made in calgary

Artisans from the Heart of Alberta

Searching for Alberta's best artisans? Look no further than Saul Good. We pride ourselves on sourcing the best local products and bringing them to you.

10 Canadian Gift Ideas For The Holidays

Discover 10 delightful Canadian gift ideas. From pampering beauty boxes to gourmet snacks, show some extra love with these hand-picked Canadian treasures.

5 Ways to Rock Your Corporate Gift Program

Boost your corporate gift program with these 5 expert tips. Learn how to elevate your client and employee relationships with personalized gifts.

appreciating a key client

How Gifts Can Be Used to Increase B2B Client Retention

Discover How Thoughtful Gifts Can Boost B2B Client Retention. Learn Strategies for Using Gifts to Increase Customer Loyalty and Client Appreciation.

kitten and the bear toronto

Meet the Maker - Kitten and the Bear in Toronto, Ontario

Meet the Makers at Kitten and the Bear, Toronto, Ontario, crafting delicious artisanal jam with a timeless French cooking method in their Parkdale kitchen.

employee appreciation day ideas

6 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas That Build A Solid Team

Discover 6 Employee Appreciation Day Ideas That Strengthen Your Team. Make this special day unforgettable with unique ways to show gratitude to your employees.

david chow chocolate toronto

Meet the Artisan: David Chow Chocolate - Toronto

Discover the delectable world of David Chow Chocolate. Learn about this Toronto-based chocolatier's journey, passion for chocolate, and innovative creations.

Meet the Artisans: Jacek Chocolate Couture

Meet the Artisans: Jacek Chocolate Couture, Alberta - Discover the World of Jacek Chocolate Couture and Jacqueline Jacek's Passion for Artisanal Chocolates