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Making Vancouver Gift Baskets Better


With the best tasting local artisan products in our Vancouver gift baskets.



Inspirational stories about the epicureans, artisans and other hard working folks who create the delicious products in our gift baskets.



 A thoughtful gift basket can strengthen the bonds of an existing relationship and till the soil for a new one.


BC's best artisan treats

We search near and (not too) far


We hand-pack each and every one of our gift baskets with the best-tasting, local, artisanal treats from Vancouver, the lower mainland and British Columbia. A carefully curated collection of mouth-watering, ultra-gourmet delights goes into every one of our locally made gift baskets.

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Made by people, not robots

All products in our gifts are hand-made by local artisans.


Creating jobs through social enterprise

Learn how our gift baskets nourish our community

With an assortment of confections as spectacular as this, a single sweet tooth is not going ...
Notwithstanding nepotism and cynicism, nobody gets their name on the corner office door unless ...
People toss the title of foodie around like a baseball. However, true foodies, people who are ...
It’s not a department party unless everyone is invited - including that unusual guy in accounting who has worn the same thing everyday for the past three years.
Inspired by the 100-mile diet, these gift baskets showcase some of BC’s best-loved artisan ...
Life really isn’t like a box of chocolates. The truth is, most of the time you know exactly ...
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Our gifts tell good stories


Good stories get shared


Our Vancouver gift baskets get devoured in minutes, but the impression they leave lasts considerably longer. Not only are they delicious, but each and every item in our gift baskets have been selected because they are special and unique - just like the lucky recipients.

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Best for the World

Raising the bar for what good business truly means. Find out how


Bringing your brand into the story

Let us make you look good. Learn more about our custom packaging solutions

Business is about relationships

You are what you give


A great gift is more than a gesture, it’s a reflection of your values. It is a symbol of appreciation and an acknowledgement of your relationship with the recipient. A relationship you’ve worked hard to create and maintain.

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