eco-friendly gift baskets

Eco-friendly gift baskets

Your search for the perfect eco-friendly gift basket ends here. With Saul Good Gift Co., you're not just gifting a basket—you're gifting a promise of sustainability, local community support, and a brighter future for all.

We've been blazing a trail towards environmental sustainability since day one. Our journey is more than just profits—it's about shaping a better world. Every Saul Good gift basket tells a tale of social impact, transparency, accountability, and unwavering commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Earth-first: Every package tells a sustainable story

Unboxing a Saul Good gift box

With a thumbs-up from Canopy Planet and Pack4Good, our 100% recycled paper packaging doesn't just look good—it does good, steering clear from ancient and endangered forests. Every choice we make, from materials to branding, resonates with our enduring commitment to quality and the environment.

Local first, carbon last

We're proud of our unique local-first approach. By emphasizing local sourcing and regional shipping, we're not only supporting local artisans and economies but also significantly reducing our carbon footprint. Opt for a Saul Good gift basket, and you're supporting both local dreams and a greener planet.

Good vibes, greater impact

Our annual Impact Report is a testament to the strides we've made. For instance:

  • Saving trees & conserving water:

By reducing paper used in our packaging by 68% and by using 100% recycled paper, we save 478 trees annually.

  • Cutting carbon:

With our new packaging, we've significantly reduced our carbon footprint by 61%, and by committing to 100% recycled packaging, we reduced carbon emissions even further by 75%.

  • Promoting local excellence:

Going local means reducing greenhouse gas emissions, bolstering our communities, and showcasing the unique talent of artisans we're proud to call our partners. Last year we created over 92,000 hours of living wage employment with small businesses in Canada through our local purchasing.

Our trust partners

Our eco-friendly gift baskets come with the backing of noteworthy certifications:

B Corporation

Certified B Corp logo

It is easy to be bombarded by companies' claims for environmental responsibility. B Corporations were created to help give consumers insight into who is green-washing and identify companies who are really walking the talk. To become a Certified B Corp we passed rigorous standards for community, environment, consumers, employees, and accountability. We’ve gone so far as to change our corporate charter to ensure that our Directors consider the impact we create in our community and the environment through our strategy and operations. We are honoured to have received international recognition from B Corp. Learn more.

Climate Smart

Radicle Climate Smart certification seal

We're proactive in measuring, reducing, and offsetting our carbon emissions, ensuring our commitment to the environment is tangible. Learn more.

Living Wage Certified

Ontario Living Wage Employer badge

Fairness is at our core. We ensure every team member receives fair compensation, so they can savour life's sweetness. Learn more.

Ancient Forest Friendly

Partnering with Canopy Planet, our materials stem from sustainable and responsibly managed forests, reflecting our dedication to our planet's health.