Curated gift boxes

curated gift box full of local handmade products

Why choose curated gift boxes?


You know that feeling when a gift makes your day? A unique corporate gifting strategy goes beyond a simple 'thank you' and leaves a memorable impression. Say hello to curated gift boxes designed to:

  • boost your marketing mojo
  • raise a toast to your business values
  • mark your special occasion, as your recipients bask in the glow right alongside you

The cherry on top? Our curated gift boxes are heartfelt gift experiences that strengthen bonds and fit any occasion like a glove.

Thank you for making it easy.

Robin, TELUS digital

What makes our curated gift boxes so good?

Every Saul Good gift tells a tale. Start with a minimum order of 50, and let us craft your story by filling each box with a mix of local artisan wonders, your brand's signature touch, and a few surprise goodies that say, "we're all about the details." Here's what's inside:

Locally-sourced goods

Artisan goods, custom-curated: Whether it’s a gourmet treat, a savoury snack, or a cozy home essential, we've got the perfect pick to narrate your story.

Corporate branding

Your brand's spotlight moment: From classy branded packaging to a heartfelt card, we're all ears for your branding needs. Going big? We've got custom packaging for those grand gestures.

Memorable branded merch

Elevate your brand game: Not just any swag, but the kind that makes a lasting impression. From useful gadgets to delightful keepsakes, it's branded brilliance at its finest.

Curious about our curated gift boxes?

Peek inside an assortment of custom gift programs we've designed for corporate clients over the last few years.
Customized gift box for Tridel new homeowners

Tridel: The Good Gift Program

Moving into a new home can be a stressful time. Learn how we help one of Canada's largest residential home builders welcome new homeowners and build rapport with their customer care team.

Rize Alliance: Hyper-local gifting

Sourcing local sometimes means literally from your own backyard.

deloitte corporate gift case study

Deloitte case study

How did we go about sourcing local products across Canada and Chile for this international gift program?

Got a custom gift idea? Let’s make it happen.

Ready to gift differently? Let's turn your gifting opportunities into stories worth sharing. Share your information below, and you'll hear from us in no time – 1 business day, to be precise.