Branded gift baskets

branded gift baskets with corporate logos
Branded gift boxes and branded greeting cards showing examples from corporate gift programs

Branded baskets, big impact

Our branded gift baskets put your company DNA front and centre. It's your moment to shine, even before the unboxing. Made using tough-as-nails heavy stock paper (because no one likes a damaged gift), and tailored to match your branding.

Besides making you look good, we’re helping you do good too! In addition to creating local employment through local purchasing, you are reducing plastic waste and protecting trees. Our newly designed packaging is one of the most sustainable options available.

Contemplating the best for your brand? We share your passion. Kindly note, our starting commitment is 25 units.

Branded greeting cards showing various corporate logos

Branded greeting cards

Every Saul Good gift begins with a card. It's not just a note; it's the opening act to your gifting experience. Add your logo and a personal signature to our evergreen or seasonal greeting cards. Or, let's team up with your design team to come up with something uniquely yours.

Make it personal with branded cards, starting at a minimum order of 25.

Custom gift box packaging for corporate gift program

Custom printed gift boxes

These aren't your run-of-the-mill presents; they're thoughtful treasures that connect with your clients on a whole new level. Whether you've got a design ready to roll or need a creative partner, we're here to whip up custom gift packaging that's as unique as your brand. And guess what? We're keeping it green – all our boxes are crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled paper because sustainability is part of our gift to the planet.

Our custom packaging requires a minimum order quantity of 200 units. With a lead time of 6-8 weeks, it's worth the anticipation. Especially fitting for sizable orders of 500 gifts or more, our custom-branded gift packaging is your way of making a grand impression.

Branded products

Ready to make a lasting impression? With your company’s branding leading the way, your gesture will be the talk of the town (and office) for ages. Go the extra mile with custom-branded items, available for orders of 25 or more.

Let's craft a memory, not just a gift box.

Our gift consultants are ready to collaborate with you. Share your details below, and you'll hear from us before you know it – within one business day.