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1. Local Artisan BEER






Locally made BC artisan beer is a classy way to say that you care. We are proud to feature Phillips in our beer gift basket “Hard Days Night”. These delicious hand-crafted creations carry a story of hard work and Canadian entrepreneurship. Instead of a standard gift basket, this gift is presented in a solid reusable box made from beautiful BC pine beetle wood by a Vancouver social enterprise.




Phillips beer was created from the vision of Matt Phillips. He began in a small dark warehouse above a metal shop where he built his own bottler and put labels on by hand. Matt eventually crafted his way to award winning mastery.



At the Saul Good Gift Co., we respect the history of Phillips beer and we appreciate the fresh crisp taste of locally made artisan goodness!



2. Herb Grower Made from an Up-Cycled Whiskey Bottle






This is Jack. Once upon a time, he was a regular old whiskey bottle...and then he became an awesome up-cycled, self watering vessel for growing herbs. All that you have to do is put water in the bottom...and then it waters itself!




In addition to reducing waste, these up-cycled bottles create job opportunities for Vancouver residents. It is awesomeness with meaning. You can find Jack hanging out in Gastown at the Old Faithful Shop (320 W Cordova St. Vancouver, BC)



3. Local Organic Chocolate (100% curly bow free!)






Giving chocolates to a guy requires thought: You don’t want it to be ordinary and you don’t want it to be an over-packaged curly bow disaster.



Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Over the years, we've tasted our way through countless bars and truffles to find the very best organic fair trade chocolate B.C. has to offer. Reap the fruits of our "labour" with this delicious gift basket.



Add a meaningful story to the chocolates you give by ensuring that they're organic, fair-trade, locally produced and packaged in forest friendly classiness. With our chocolate gift baskets, deliciousness meets responsibility in a gift that's Saul Good.



4. Terrariums from the Olla Urban Flower Project





Terrariums are such a cool way to show your love. These glass creations are enclosed replicas of natural environments (deserts, rainforests etc.)



As you may know, Olla is a phenomenal social enterprise in Vancouver’s Downtwon East Side. Each arrangement is local, organic, environmentally responsible and socially responsible. Read more about Olla in our post, “Local Vancouver gifts as organic living art: Why we love The Olla Urban Flower Project”.



5. Tour of the Pemberton Distillery







Try giving the gift of a day trip to BC's best artisan distillery. It is a beautiful, fun and educational experience. Call the Pemberton Distillery in advance to book a guided tour. You get to learn about the magic of making handcrafted organic gin, vodka and whiskey. You might even get to meet the Willy Wonka’s of BC spirits (Tyler Schramm).



Read more about Tyler and the Pemberton Distillery in our post, "Local and Organic Alcohol Gift Ideas: The Pemberton Distillery Masters Handcrafted Spirits."