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The delicious life of being an artisan entrepreneur is a reality that often mirrors parenthood. There are constant challenges, an intermittent loss of sleep and a rewarding heart swelling pride.

As we approach Mother's Day, we want to acknowledge the unique brilliance of BC artisan mompreneurs. The awesome women we are featuring here are just three examples of many fantastic artisan momprenuers in BC.


1) Sara of Batch Sweet Kitchen: Carving her own path



Sara's Salted Caramel Pecan Popcorn is an indulgent snack with a solid fan base of customers who are hooked on the stuff (including the Saul Good team).





As a kid, Sara always imagined that she would work for herself and have a livelihood that she loved. Undoubtedly, she romanticized what that would mean. In reality, she experiences her role as multi-faceted. 
"It seemed crazy to me to spend so much of your life doing something if you don't love it. Being an artisan allows me to do what I love, to be creative, to carve my own path and to be able to share it with others. A big part of being an artisan is connecting with people - sharing your story and hearing theirs. This relationship is critical to an artisan's success. I love giving people something to look forward to in their day, a slice of indulgence, a moment of pure joy." explained Sara

For Sara, being available for her kids, picking them up from school, being present for them while also pursuing her own ambitions and dreams makes entrepreneurship an easy choice. She feels that it is great for her kids to see two different paths to work, success and fulfillment.

mothers day gifts - batch
As Sara's kids grow and get older, she looks forward to them gaining an understanding of what she does and hopes they'll be proud of what she has built and be left with the belief that they can achieve whatever they want.


You can find Sara's Salted Caramel Pecan Popcorn in our Vancouver gift baskets.


2) Catherine of Trugs & Hidden Garden: Kids as co-creators



Catherine adopted Trugs Gourmet and gave life to Hidden Garden Cookies. Her children (below) have been a big inspiration behind her innovative line of yummy veggie cookies.




When Catherine discovered that her children were not avid fans of vegetables, she decided to get creative and hide vegetables in foods that her kids couldn’t resist. This solution became a big success. Kids and adults love these moist morsels.


You can find Hidden Garden Cookies in our Gluten Free Gift Basket. You can also find her delicious fresh and chunky Trugs Salsa in our Corporate Gift Baskets 

mothers day gifts - hidden day garden

Catherine loves being in charge of her life and spending her days making food she knows people will enjoy! Parenthood has increased her appreciation of flexibility.

3) Carly of Kitchening & Co. : The importance of hitting pause



When we first met Carly, she had recently begun integrating her French cuisine and patisserie training. From kitchens in europe to markets in BC, she is authentically passionate about innovative recipes that feature unique natural ingredients.
mothers day gifts - carly



"Being a baker seems to be a perfect fit for my personality. I’m an introvert but I value relationship above all else. Birthing the creative ideas and initiating the process in my own quiet space then evolves into creating together with my kitchen team and finally bringing the finished work to others, sharing in the experience and gathering over the creation. It is extremely satisfying." explained Carly

mothers day - carly


Motherhood has undoubtedly influenced Carly's work and perspective of entrepreneurship. It has made the finiteness of time more apparent. Parenthood has also added structure and boundaries to her business more than anything ever has.
The consequences of not putting attention and care into parenting are too high of a cost to pay in order to grow our business. With our business we can and do hit the pause button, because time needs to be put into the growth and development of our family and relationships." said Carly

Carly's Macarons can be found at many gourmet shops around town. You can find her legendary Ginger Chocolate Cookies and Peanut Butter Cookies in our  Vancouver gift baskets.


We hope that all the moms out there have a wonderful and meaningful Mother's Day!