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You have listed "organizing holiday gifts" on your office to do list. That's a great start! However, it is easy to let it wait until the last minute and end up frantic to find the perfect gift for your top clients, partners and employees.


Your boss and team are relying on you! What are you going to do?


Standing in a line at Costco with a dolly full of gift baskets doesn't need to be your fate on a Saturday afternoon in mid-December. We know you can do better than that! In fact, it is our job to execute your corporate gift basket program with style and grace, so that you and your business look good. In order to help you prepare for this process, it is our pleasure to equip you with 3 steps towards stress-free corporate holiday gifts (listed below)


Step #1 Start with a list of gift recipients


Who do you want to appreciate? Create a list on our custom designed spreadsheet. Are the gifts going to offices for people to share? Or to individuals? Make that clear to your gift basket company of choice. This information is essential to designing the optimal gift experience.


Step #2 Define the message and meaning of your corporate gifts


Everyone has a budget, we understand that and can relate. We want to help maximize your return on your gift basket program. There's more to value than price and just because it's expensive doesn't mean it's good. The basis behind corporate gifts is to appreciate people and build relationships.

Remember: Thoughtless gifts can sometimes do more harm than good.


Step #3 Download a copy of our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide


This guide is chock full of easy to share gift ideas. (click here to download)  These gift ideas are designed for sending to offices and contain exquisitely curated confections that make the most discerning palettes drool.



We have Gourmet gifts baskets for executives. Craft beer gifts for guys. Awesome holiday gift baskets for sharing in the office.




We wish you the best of luck! If you need any further guidance, please feel welcome to give us a call: