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It's easy to give a nice bottle of wine or a fancy box of chocolates, but how do you leverage corporate gifting to build deep and meaningful connections in the new world of remote work?

Over the past ten years, we've learned a lot about what it takes to make people feel special. Our team has customized corporate gift programs for some of Canada's most successful brands. We love getting to know our clients, their value proposition, and their culture. It allows us to inject a piece of their DNA into their gift program.

Now, as work shifts to a remote-first environment and relationships become harder to maintain, corporate gifting is more important than ever.

One way to enhance that sense of meaningfulness and appreciation is by telling a good story–one that connects the gift giver, the recipient, and the gift. 

Your brand is the narrator of the story you are crafting. And connecting that story to who your recipient is and their wants and needs is the best way to leave a lasting and meaningful impression. 

Here are five practical ways to keep your company in the spotlight while building connections and sharing happiness.

1) Gift experiences


As remote environments take over, work and home life boundaries become increasingly blurred. Gifting an experience shows appreciation and encourages your recipient to take time away from work and build memories. 

Gifting an experience that can be shared with others leaves a lasting impression and, more importantly, helps the recipient spread more happiness alongside others. Our new collection of picnic gifts helps you do just that! Best enjoyed with friends, these summertime baskets include everything one needs to enjoy the great outdoors together. 

2) Put your brand center stage 

Once we have clarified the needs of your gift program, we can help you
customize branded ribbons for your gift boxes. What better way to leave a lasting impression than to have your brand linger as your recipient digs into the sensory delights of their gift.

Our focus is and always will be on ensuring the gift recipient feels super special and genuinely appreciated. But we never lose sight of the fact that your brand belongs at the centre of the memorable gift-giving experience.

3) Personalized messages go a long way 

Research has revealed that a thoughtful 'thank you' is essential to strengthening your professional relationships. It is essential to take the time to personalize your message and be clear about why you appreciate the recipient, especially when much of the world has gone remote.

4) Shifting gears to self-care


With 86% of employees working from home reporting burnout symptoms, wellbeing has never been more top of mind. 

While most gravitate towards gourmet corporate gifts, addressing the needs of your remote teams may resonate more in the long run. 

If you want to promote a culture of wellbeing within your organization, building a custom wellness-themed gift is your best option. Take inspiration from our Beauty Sleep gift basket or create an entirely custom gift of your own. Our team is ready to help you at any time. 


5) Full circle giving is a darn good story 


The Saul Good Gift Co. was created to make a positive difference through business. We wanted to offer an alternative to the wasteful nature of gifts that are wrapped in excessive packaging and full of less-than-special stuff. 

Our corporate gifts demonstrate the delicious beauty of sustainability, local purchasing, and social responsibility. The recycled cardboard gift boxes feature hand-drawn maps of local Canadian cities and the products are all locally handmade and a social enterprise assembles the gifts.


We'd love to facilitate a gift program that tells the story of your brand. If you want to get started, you can download our 2022 gift guide and apply for your corporate account. We look forward to following up with you!