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With the ongoing pandemic across Canada, sending gifts and showing your appreciation during this challenging time is more important than ever. A thoughtful gift shows your client just how much you value and appreciate their business. But, with more people working from home and many offices remaining closed, gift-giving this year is still a bit more complicated than simply mailing or dropping off a gift at your client’s office. 

If sending a gift to your client’s office isn’t an option right now, there’s still a way to show your appreciation with a hand-picked gift. Send a curated selection of artisan treats directly to your client’s home! We’ve put together 5 quick tips to keep in mind when asking your client for their home address, to make things as simple and smooth as possible.


1. Make sure they’re working from home.

The rules for working from home, and working in an office, are complicated, and each business is choosing to handle the situation slightly differently. As employers gradually re-open offices or establish permanent remote work policies, it’s essential to determine where your client will be during the time of delivery.  


2. Be transparent.

As tempting as it might be to sneakily find out your client’s home address and send them a surprise gift, communication is always key when it comes to client relationships. When you email your client, make sure they know you’re asking them for their address to send them a thank you present. Otherwise, they may feel uncomfortable about you requesting their personal information, especially if they aren’t clear on what it’s for.


3. Let them know your timing.

As travel gradually resumes, remember that your client may be headed for a tropical vacation or just moving about locally. Be sure to include when you estimate the gift would arrive, so they can make sure that they’ll actually be home to receive it. 


4. Keep it short.

Giving context to your client is important, but don’t hide your request for their home address in a lengthy email — they might miss it! Even bolding your request for their address is a simple way for your client to scan your email and see what you’re getting at, at-a-glance.


5. Be kind!

This one is key. Remember that you’re asking for a piece of personal information, and consider how you’d want to receive that request. Be considerate, polite, and kind in your email, always. If they feel uncomfortable sharing their home address, respect their wishes and consider alternatives, like waiting for their workplace to open. 

A well-thought-out gift during another strange year could be more appreciated by your client than ever. And, putting a little bit of extra thought into asking for their home address will make the whole experience feel like smooth sailing. Explore this year’s curated selection of gifts to get started.  

Bottom line: Sending a gift to your client’s home is the perfect, thoughtful solution for anyone working from home. Remember to be polite, considerate, and clear when asking for your client’s home address.

PS — If you’re looking for some direct inspiration, we wrote up a quick sample email that you can use as a template. 


Email Template: How to Ask Your Client for Their Home Address

Hi [name]!

I hope your week is going well. We truly appreciated working with you this past year and would love to send a token of gratitude.

Are you currently working from home or the office? Is there a preferred address for us to send a small gift? We estimate it would arrive [enter the estimated week of arrival], and all you would need to do is be available to accept the delivery! Let me know if you have any questions, or if another time or place would work better for you.  

Thanks for once again supporting us! As a loyal customer for over [X] years, we truly value your business.

Wishing you a great week!


[Your name] from [your company]