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Recently, while at a conference, the Saul Good team chatted with a Director of HR who was new to the role and looking to make a positive mark on her company. She was excited when we told her about our gift baskets, but as someone who had never implemented a corporate gifting program from scratch, she had some questions.

Namely - what are some creative ways people use your gifts to build business relationships?

It’s a question we get often. Many people think of gifting as a one way transaction - a quick nod of appreciation to a team member or coworker. But as a company that’s been in the gifting game for over 12 years - we know there are so many ways to send a gift that do more than say “thanks.” If done correctly, gifting is a way to enhance relationships, build reputation, and forge new partnerships.

To help those looking to get creative with a gifting program, we’ve put together 5 unique ways we’ve seen our clients give. 


1 - Get Creative With Timing

The holiday season is a great time to appreciate your family, friends, and coworkers - but it’s not the only time! Spread gratitude on Thanksgiving, celebrate the strong women in your life on International Women’s Day, or send Canadian-made treats for Canada Day. We’ve seen from experience that unconventional timing creates a memorable experience.

Over the years brands have also used our gifts to celebrate major company milestones - namely, completing successful campaigns, product launches, and receiving certifications and awards. Using gifts to celebrate with your staff is a great way to show gratitude while also reinforcing corporate culture.

If you still want to give during the holidays, early December is ideal. The weeks leading up to the holidays can get pretty hectic - so why share the stage with your competition? Being first is a great way to be memorable - that’s why we always encourage clients to avoid sending out gifts in the last week of December.


2 - Pick employees up when they’re down

When projects get little crazy, and the overtime hours are racking up, we’ve seen brands thank their staff for their tireless commitment by sending gifts. When everyone’s burnt out, there’s no better way to boost morale than by sharing a basket of artisan confections.
Similarly, if you have a staff member who’s sick, recovering from surgery, or taking care of a loved one, sending a gift can be the perfect way to raise their spirits during a difficult time and let them know they’ve got your support. 


3 - Build new business relationships

Cold calls are the worst. We’ve all received them - and many of us have used them to try and win new business. They’re a distraction, and unless the caller has done sufficient research into your organization, they typically aren’t helpful.

Instead of a cold call or email, we’ve seen clients forge some amazing business relationships by sending “cold gifts.” Who wouldn’t be excited to receive a box of sweet treats in the middle of a workday? It’s a positive, delicious, and memorable experience your recipient will always associate with your business. 


4 - Welcome new employees

Start off on the right foot with a new hire by leaving a gift on their desk on their very first day. Employees will feel welcomed to the team, appreciated, and motivated to do their best work. Plus, they’ll probably share and connect with their new teammates! 


5 - Surprise staff on vacation

On many occasions, we’ve helped employers surprise their staff by sending a box of treats to their vacation spots with the message “enjoy your week off - you’ve earned it!” Imagine walking into your hotel room and finding a box of hand-made treats waiting for you. It’s thoughtful and shows your employees you appreciate them and support them taking time for themselves.
(Only available in Canada).

There’s a reason we think of our business as “radiating happiness” - thoughtful, memorable, gifts bring people together over delicious food. And if your brand is part of that positive experience, people can’t help but remember the way you made them feel.


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