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We've all been to one too many office parties that bring on the blahs, but we can tell you're ready to shake things up this holiday season! Leave the boring office party to the company across the hall, and deliver your hardworking team an experience they'll look forward to every single year.

Make Them Laugh

No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays, laughter always makes things memorable! Whether you're delivering a speech, putting together a recap video or including a thank you note in your party favours; we suggest adding a bit of humour where possible. You know we love a good pun, and we're not afraid to use 'em! So take a page out of our book and have them laughing all the way home.

Surprises Never Disappoint

There's no better way to end (or start) a party than with a gift, wouldn't you agree? Of course, a custom one is the ultimate show of appreciation, but a theme-appropriate gift is just as lovely. We love something that communicates your story, aligns with your values as a company, and tastes good, too. During the festive season, our go-to boxes The Connoisseur or The Give'r always make the sweetest surprises. 

Leave the Office Behind

A holiday party is a chance for your team to sit back, relax and blow off some steam. Skip the numbers and corporate jargon and choose to connect with guests on a more meaningful level by keeping the conversation light and fun!

Create a Signature Cocktail

Adding a unique touch with a signature cocktail is a fun way to celebrate your company and the people who make it one of a kind. This is your chance to get creative with ingredients and a clever name that'll bring on the smiles as soon as guests enter the room. We recommend starting with a fun recipe that speaks to your theme or company values. For bonus points, add a funny description that guests will be busy reading while waiting to be served. Cheers!

Rent a Photo Booth

Always the hot spot of the party, a photo booth never ceases to attract snap-happy guests who love striking a pose with a few quirky accessories. Encourage your group to create their own Kodak moments and post some copies on the kitchen bulletin board for even more laughs come Monday morning. 


If an experience, not a party, is what your team is craving this year, consider mixing things up with a few of our venue ideas. These suggestions work wonders for teams still adjusting to the hybrid workplace and would rather bond over experiences than on the dance floor.

Holiday Wellness

If 'party hard' isn't quite your team's style, we suggest opting for more zen vibes with a wellness retreat. A much-welcomed break from the busy holiday season might just be what your team prefers. But if a spa day is out of the question and wellness sounds like something your team might love, consider gifting one of our spa gifts as an alternative. Filled with some of the best locally-sourced wellness goods, watch your team say goodbye to burnout and hello to holiday bliss.

Choose an Unconventional Location

After a long year in the office or at home, the holidays are a great time to gather at a new location. If the budget allows, choose an unconventional venue like a pasta-making class (for smaller teams), a wine club, or a movie theatre. Breaking the status quo will have your team talking about your event for months at work and with friends.

Giving Back to the Community

We've always believed that the key to feeling good starts with giving back, which is why we love putting a charitable spin on holiday events. Consider volunteering with your team or holding an office toy or food drive as a thoughtful alternative. Need help figuring out where to start? Placing a call out to employees or referring to websites like Volunteer.ca will help locate an organization needing your help. 

Are you feeling inspired to level up your corporate holiday event this year? No matter your budget, company culture or team size, these tips are sure to transform the year's final weeks into moments they'll be talking about for months. But if you're looking for even more corporate holiday advice, reach out to us for ideas tailored to the needs of your particular team. We’re here to help!