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When David Chow makes delectable treats, he often finds inspiration from his community. “It is all about starting with the best local ingredients I can find. Many of these ingredients are made by local artisans and food producers”, David explains as he mixes a giant pot of melting chocolate. Today, he is making chocolate covered honeycomb in the kitchen of Toronto’s Stasis Preserves. This shop is a great place for him to create because it is full of products that capture the heart of Toronto’s local food community. This is one of David’s favourite places to forage for ingredients.

Photo Credit: David Chow

Stasis Preserves Products: spreads, pickles, ferments, hot sauces and of course preserves. They make a strawberry rhubarb jam that David loves to work with. In addition to Emily and Julien’s jam, David loves to work with caramel by Roselle and bean to bar chocolate by Soul. In his Lavender Black Currant Bar, he uses Sloane’s Earl Grey tea with dark chocolate, black currants, and lavender from Prince Edward County.

Photo Credit: David Chow

As David pours honeycomb onto a baking sheet, he explains how he came up with the concept his legendary Milk and Dark Chocolate Covered Honeycomb. “When I was a kid, I loved Crunchy bars. I wanted to recreate the flavour and texture with natural local ingredients. For example, I swapped out corn syrup for local buckwheat honey from the shop.”

At the core of David’s continuous creativity is his dedication to collaboration. He loves working on projects with Laura Slack, Shoko and others. One example of this is when they combined their talent for a Cancer Society fundraiser where they developed chocolates with the theme of yellow. “I love it when we can work together and collaborate. We always see each other at markets and events. It is a great community.” As David recounts memories, his eyes seem to light up with creativity.

Photo Credit: David Chow