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At Saul Good, every day we make friends with supremely talented and passionate people who create the most delectable delicacies and confections in Canada. We’ve asked them to share their inspiring stories with us.

Today we’re talking to Lisa Sanguedolce - Owner & Founder of Le Dolci, Culinary Classroom & Bakeshop in Toronto. 

Le Dolci is a Culinary Classroom & Bakeshop located in the heart of downtown Toronto. They host over 10 different culinary classes, including courses on doughnuts, pies and Parisian macarons. As a family-run business, their goal is to provide high-quality products with exceptional taste. 

When did you start your company? 

I started my company after making a friend's wedding cake and falling in love with baking. The company started in the UK in 2008, and moved to my hometown of Toronto in 2011. 


Photo Credit: Tara Noelle

What sets you apart from similar companies?

Our products are both tasty and beautiful. We strive to provide excellent customer service and we only use the finest ingredients. If we don't want to eat it at a family dinner, we don't sell it. 

Photo Credit: Stephanie Kretzschmer

What values drive you? 

Creativity, teamwork and curiosity. We keep trying new things and changing things to make them better, bigger and bolder.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my team. They make amazing magic daily with cakes and sweets, and with their customer service in making family celebrations extra special.

Photo Credit: Carrie J Photography

What are people most surprised about when you tell them about your company?

That I started it myself, and that I don't have any partners. However, this year my big sister has now joined me - hooray!

Where do you get inspiration for new products

I love seeing what's going on in Europe. There's so much creativity coming out of pastry kitchens in France, Italy and the UK. I love going to trade shows and reading about what's going on in the food world. I am a very curious person, so I ask a lot of questions and I try to absorb a lot of information.

What makes the ingredients you source special?

They are free of all the additives and preservatives found in many of the baked goods on offer today. To our dismay, a customer said they liked a name-brand frosting that has about 25 ingredients and chemicals on its ingredient list. That's not us. For instance, our frosting has five ingredients: butter, sugar, egg whites, a pinch of salt and pure Madagascar vanilla bean paste.

What's the toughest part of your work?

Wearing every hat as a small business owner, I can be fixing fridges, doing payroll, hiring new staff, marketing, working on sales campaigns, doing PR, answering customer queries, setting up wedding cakes and making sure the staff are happy, all in one day! It's a juggling act, for sure

Where do you want to go next with your business? What's your goal?

I'd love to open up another shop or two in Vancouver, Montreal or NYC, and to expand our classroom offering to more people across the province. Classes are so meaningful as people have often lost touch with baking and cooking from scratch. People aren't living in tight-knit communities anymore, so their grandmas are not passing down techniques and recipes, or showing them how to make the perfect pie crust.

What's your favourite music right now?

I love Beethoven.

What book are you reading?

Hillary Clinton's autobiography (What Happened) 

What is your favourite local restaurant right now, and why?

I love Ufficio (on Dundas Street). It's yummy, and Chef Ivana is amazing.

Photo Credit: Le Dolci

What's your favourite local neighbourhood, and why?

Dundas West is the best, not only because that's where we started but because there are so many amazing bars, pubs, art galleries and hidden treasures. There's also the beautiful Trinity Bellwoods Park, which we can see from our bakery.

Where do you like to travel the most, and why?

I love going to London, UK. I lived there for 10 years and I go back every time I have the chance

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