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At Saul Good, every day we make friends with supremely talented and passionate people who create the most delectable delicacies and confections in Canada. We’ve asked them to share their inspiring stories with us.

Today we’re talking to Dawn Woodward, The Baker and Co-founder of Evelyn’s Crackers in Toronto.

Evelyn’s Crackers is a Toronto based micro-bakery, specializing in local wholegrain baked goods. Their team makes sourdough breads, crackers, baked goods and soups. They work directly with Ontario farmers to use certified organic grain and also identity preserved grains, such as Red Fife.

Photo Credit: Evelyn's Crackers

Why and when did you start your company?

We have been in business for over a decade, we started 11 years ago (2006).

Edmund and I discovered Red Fife wheat from a well known cookbook author and friend (Naomi Duguid). It’s a wheat that dates back to the 19th century settlement of Otonabee Township Ontario. This versatile and very flavorful grain, which helped settle the Canadian prairies, became the perfect muse for the crackers. We began thinking about how we could bring Red Fife products to farmers markets and began experimenting with crackers.

Among the many people that sampled our crackers was Elizabeth Harris – Founder and former Manager of the Brickworks and Riverdale farmers’ markets.  Elizabeth loved them and gave samples to Chefs Jamie Kennedy and Anthony Rose, of Rose and Sons – they were impressed!

The next spring we were at the Brickworks Farmers Market and have been growing ever since! We named the crackers after our daughter, Evelyn. She was 2 years old at the time and so intense in everything she did – walking, jumping, talking- so we approached the crackers in the same way. As she is getting older we realize we are creating a transparency in the food system that will offer her sustainable food choices in the years to come. We make the crackers with her in mind.


Photo Credit: Evelyn's Crackers


What inspires your work?

My first inspiration was my mother, I began cooking at a very young age. Today we are committed to using heritage grain varieties grown close to us. We source from Ontario farmers and millers and we are always experimenting with ways to incorporate local grains into the crackers. We are constantly inspired by the farmers we work with.

Photo Credit: Evelyn's Crackers

What makes the ingredients you source special?

The grains we use  are all certified organic and  we use many varieties of wheat and other grains that are all grown in Ontario. We are the only bakery in Toronto specializing in using local whole grain. We maintain direct contact with our growers and sell at farmers markets so we can maintain a direct relationship with our customers.


Photo Credit: Evelyn's Crackers

What’s the toughest part of your work?


Photo Credit: Evelyn's Crackers

Where do you want to go next with your business? What’s your goal?

Being part of the Local and Slow Food Movements is key for us– educating, spreading the word and creating new products from these heritage grains in as many forms as possible. With more cookies, granola, new cracker flavors we can help ensure agricultural diversity by keeping these ancient grains alive.

Photo Credit: Evelyn's Crackers

What’s your favourite album right now?

Work. Early Delta blues.

What book(s) are you reading?

Maxim Gorky’s biography.

What is your favourite local restaurant right now, and why?

Bar Raval. It’s always delicious and they give great service.

Photo Credit: Evelyn's Crackers


What’s your favourite local neighbourhood, and why?

Kensington Market - there is always something going on.

Photo Credit: Evelyn's Crackers

Where do you like to travel the most, and why?

Asia. I love the food and geography.

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