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We recently updated our list of non-material gift ideas that make a difference in BC.  We thought it was high time we gave our friends in the Eastern Time Zone some options for meaningful gift experiences that don’t necessarily come in a box!

Browse our list of 9 non-material gift ideas in Toronto.

Membership To The Toronto Tool Library

For DIYers and Fixer-uppers in your life, get them access to 5000+ tools as a member of the Toronto Tool Library. Not only will they able to borrow the tools they need for all kinds of projects, this membership will get them discounts on all the workshops run out of the Tool Library’s Makerspace.

Or, for the serious Makers on your list, consider a Makerspace Membership. This will give them 24/7 access to the woodshop, laser cutter, 3D Printers and MORE. Makerspace members get free training on all the tools in the space, as well as discounts on speciality workshops.

Check out the Toronto Tool Library.

Locally-made Art from the Black Cat

Nourish Toronto’s arts and culture scene and support up-and-coming artists by gifting locally-made art. One Toronto gallery, The Black Cat, is open year round for art sales, but holds an annual Salon of Inclusiveness Show and Sale during the holiday season when all art is priced between $50 and $500. A hand picked, handcrafted piece of art that supports Toronto artists will be a memorable gift at any time of year.

Check out the Black Cat.

Support Mental Health in the GTA

The Centre for Addiction and Mental health in Toronto has created Gifts of Light—items like pyjamas, emergency kits or a music, pet or art therapy session—that can help their more than 35,000 patients, many of whom arrive with no belongings or support system. Giving a Gift of Light on behalf of a friend or loved one will make a difference in the GTA, and your recipient can feel like they’ve made a positive impact on mental health in the GTA.

Check out the Gifts of Light.

Ceramic Pieces from Inspirations Studio

Inspirations Studio is a ceramics-based program for marginalised women. The members of the Studio have been impacted by poverty, trauma, homelessness, mental and physical health and/or addiction issues. The Studio’s core mission is to facilitate improvements in members’ lives through the making and selling of pottery.

Through skill-building and creative practice, women gain a sense of self-confidence, dignity and stability, a connection with community, supplemental income, and a new way to engage with the world, as makers. And their ceramic works are absolutely beautiful gift-worthy pieces of art.

Check out Inspirations Studio.

Membership to the Royal Ontario Museum

Reward your loved ones’ curiosity with a membership to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). Founded in 1914, the ROM showcases art, culture and nature from around the world and across the ages. Among the top 10 cultural institutions in North America, Canada’s largest and most comprehensive museum is home to a world-class collection of 13 million artworks, cultural objects and natural history specimens, featured in 40 gallery and exhibition spaces.

Membership includes unlimited entry to galleries and exhibitions, subscription to the ROM magazine, discounts on programs and lectures, and more.

Check out membership options.

Art, Basketry & Jewelry from Toronto’s Only Indigenous Owned and Operated Store

Located within the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto (NCCT), the Cedar Basket Gift Shop is Toronto’s only Indigenous owned and operated store. Browse the wide selection of First Nations, Métis and Inuit handcrafted jewelry, carvings, basketry, beadwork, moccasins, original art as well as many more beautiful gift ideas.

NCCT is a membership-based, charitable organization located in the heart of downtown Toronto. NCCT offers a wide range of programs and services based on Indigenous cultural traditions and teachings. As Toronto’s oldest Indigenous community organization and one of the original Friendship Centres in Canada, the NCCT provides social, recreational, cultural and spiritual services for the Indigenous community and visitors alike.

Check out the Cedar Basket Gift Shop.

Pet Protector Gifts from the Toronto Humane Society

Know an animal lover in your life? “Pet Protector Gifts” from the Toronto Humane Society give local cats, dogs, and small animals access to food, play, training, and vital vaccinations to keep them healthy. Animal lovers will rejoice knowing an animal is receiving quality care, a warm bed, and access to medicine on their behalf.

Check out the Pet Protector Gifts.

Tickets to a Show by the Musical Stage Company

The Musical Stage Company is the largest and leading charitable musical theatre company in Canada. Established in 2004 as Acting Up Stage Company, their mandate is to make Canada a leader in musical theatre.

The company incubates new Canadian musicals from development to production, investing in Canadian musical theatre writers and building national and international partnerships. Their robust education programs offer training to over 200 young people each year without cost to the participants. And the results are incredible - To date, their work has been recognized with 82 Dora Award nominations, 18 Dora Awards and 16 Toronto Theatre Critics’ Awards.

Check out the shows.

Tech Courses from Canada Learning Code

Canada Learning Code (CLC) is a non profit that champions coding education so that Canadians have the knowledge and confidence to harness the power of technology to achieve economic and personal fulfillment. They are especially dedicated to promoting technological literacy across Canada, particularly to women, girls, people with disabilities, Indigenous youth, and newcomers to Canada.

CLC has classes for children (ages 3-12 years), teens (ages 13-17), and adults (18+) with many free and sliding scale options to make learning as accessible as possible. Children’s courses are taught in a fun and accessible way to help children build tech literacy from an early age. There are even courses for teachers to better acquaint themselves with technology for the benefit of their students. Classes cover topics like graphic design, website design, and data insights.  

Check out the courses.


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