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[Pictured above: Easter treats from Thomas Haas, photo by Thomas Haas]

It's officially Spring, and top chocolate artisans across the country have "sprung" into action - testing their creativity and crafting Easter treats that truly stand out from the crowd. We've scoured the nation for the the country's most imaginative Easter treats and are pleased to present our top picks.

Feast your eyes on the top 11 hand made Easter treats in Canada.

Chez Christophe, Burnaby, BC

The “Better Together” Chocolate Nest

This trio of eggs and feathers are made completely from milk and caramelised white chocolate and feature an edible nest finished with gold dust.

Photo Credit: Chez Christophe


CXBO, Toronto, ON

Special Edition Bar Buca Coffee, Amaretti, & Salted Caramel Disco Egg


This year, celebrate one of the most delicious Italian traditions with one of CXBO's Bar Buca special edition Chocolate Easter Eggs. Made in collaboration with Chef Rob Gentile, CXBO has played around with chocolate, coffee, almond and salted caramel flavours to recreate the traditional European decorated Easter egg – with a modern twist.

Filled with delightful surprises, this chocolate, salted caramel and coffee flavoured egg is the perfect gift to honour the Easter tradition. Crack one open and you might discover a bigger surprise... One random egg contains a $100 gift card for Bar Buca!

Photo Credit: CXBO


Jacek, Edmonton, AB

Easter Variety Egg Carton

The hand-crafted collection includes two creamy milk chocolate eggs, two rich dark chocolate eggs, and two caramelized white chocolate eggs, each filled with one Oozy caramel truffle.

Photo Credit: Jacek


Nadege Patisserie, Toronto, ON

Painted Easter Ducks


These adorable ducks are available in both milk and dark chocolate.

Photo Credit:type here



Centre & Main, Warkworth, ON

Watercolour Egg

Available in both milk and dark chocolate, each egg is hand painted and completely unique.

Photo Credit: Centre and Main


The Chocolate Lab, Calgary, AB

Designer Series Easter Eggs

Each egg is designed by hand, and no two eggs are alike. These eggs are cast in delicious dark chocolate blend, using fine flavoured, rare Nicaraguan origin dark chocolate. Also included is an assortment of chocolate covered fruits, nuts, and other tasty treats.

Photo Credit: Chocolate Lab


Soul Chocolate, Toronto, ON

Single Origin Easter Rabbit

This solid dark milk chocolate rabbit is crafted from ethically sourced, small batch, Madagascar cacao and caramelized milk powder. It offers vibrant cacao flavours and a subtle depth of sweetness, making it a treat for chocolate lovers big and small.

Photo Credit: Soul Chocolate


Beta5, Vancouver, BC

Polygon Easter Eggs

Each polygon egg is filled with 15 mini eggs in 3 varieties - peanut butter, hazelnut & strawberry pop rock.

Photo Credit: Beta5


David Chow, Toronto, ON

Beehive Easter Egg

One of this year's limited edition Easter eggs is the beehive egg - filled with chocolate-covered local Ontario honey sponge toffee.




Photo Credit: David H. Chow



Thomas Haas, Vancouver, BC

Hand Painted Easter Treats


Hand painted and airbrushed Easter eggs filled with chocolate surprises.

Photo Credit: Thomas Haas


SOMA Chocolate, Toronto, ON

Peach & Blueberry Easter Pods


To celebrate Spring, SOMA has crafted Easter Cacao pods in both peach and blueberries and cream flavours. The pod is nuzzled onto a hazelnut chocolate nest hand cranked through an old school Venetian pasta press and sculpted into a nest. These pods are a very special limited edition and come packed in a beautiful tulip shaped, reusable 1L Weck jar. (Yay to zero waste packaging!) 

Photo Credit: SOMA Chocolate


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