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In our experience, the term “custom gifts” means a lot of different things to different people.

No matter what your definition is, they help you build relationships with your clients and make you look good. At Saul Good, creating custom gifts can be as simple as putting your logo on our award winning gift boxes. Alternately, they can be built from the ground up and tailored to your company and your unique occasion for gifting.

Today we’re providing some clarity on the types of custom gifts we offer at Saul Good.


Branded Gifts

Branded gifts are when you take any of our award Vancouver gift baskets or Toronto gift baskets and add your own company branding to put your business at the forefront of the gift experience. Your logo can be added via branded ribbon, branded card, or by adding branded promotional products.

Branded gifts are available in quantities of 25+ and are available all year long.


Why buy branded gifts?

Adding your branding to our gifts is a great way to have the positive experience of receiving a Saul Good Gift be explicitly tied to your brand. When your branding is the first thing people see as they open one of our award-winning gift baskets and taste all of the delectable treats inside the box, your recipients will always associate your business with that experience.

Branded gifts are especially effective when gifting during the Christmas season. Our boxed gifts look completely different from other gift baskets your clients might receive, and your logo is the first thing people will notice. At a time when gifting is almost expected, our branded gifts will help you stand out from the crowd.

Click here to learn more about our branded corporate gifts.



Custom Gifts


A custom gift is a gift that we build from the ground up just for you and your clients. To build these gifts, we start at square one by asking you about your business, your clients, and your occasion for gifting. Once we’ve learned enough, we search for local artisan products that are perfectly tailored to your occasion and audience, and we build the gift.

Custom made gifts can include the following custom items:

  • A custom curated selection of locally-sourced artisan products (including sweet and salty snacks, home goods, or other items).
  • Depending on the theme behind your gift program we'll find the perfect artisan products to tell your story. 
  •  Corporate branding. Standard options include adding a corporate branded ribbon or a branded greeting card. 
  •  Branded promotional products.

These gifts are available on orders of 50+ and are available from January through September.

Why buy custom gifts?

Custom gifts are the perfect way to simultaneously show appreciation and tell your story. Every gift we send positively reflects on you and your business and creates a memorable experience your recipients will cherish. It’s the best way to engage and appreciate your clients while aligning them with your company’s purpose and values.

Create custom gifts for unique occasions like Thanksgiving, reaching a business milestone, or celebrating a project’s completion.

A great example of celebrating a unique occasion is the project we did with L’Oreal Canada celebrating International Women’s Day (pictured below).

Other examples of custom gifts:


Rize Alliance Hyperlocal Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Gift Program.


Omicron Hot Chocolate Party gifts


What about Personalized gifts?

Another question we get all the time about our gifts is, “do you have personalized gifts?” “can I personalize a gift?”

Every gift we send comes with a greeting card that you can fully personalize with your own message. Additionally, there’s a to/from tag on the outside of the box that’s also yours to personalize. This is the extent most gifts can be tailored to an individual.

Interested in learning more, or creating your own custom gift or branded gift program?

Shoot us an email by completing the form below. We’ll get the ball rolling.