Administrative Professionals' Day: 7 Gift Ideas to Say Thank You

Administrative professionals answering calls and working in an office.

It's time to celebrate the unsung heroes of every office – the administrative assistants whom we depend on daily. As Professional Administrative Day approaches it's time to recognize and appreciate their incredible contributions that often go uncelebrated.

From organizing schedules to ensuring the seamless flow of daily affairs, administrative assistants are the silent architects of success in any realm. Their dedication and hard work often go unnoticed, but on April 24th, let us come together to show our appreciation and gratitude.

Whether you're a coworker, boss, or friend, we're here to show you how to shine a light on the people who always ensure that the tiniest details are taken care of.

When is Administrative Professionals' Day in Canada?

The specific date may vary but every year, Administrative Professionals' Day (also known as Secretary Day) falls on the Wednesday of the last full week in April. In 2024, Administrative Professionals' Day is Wednesday, April 24, 2024.

Administrative Professionals' Day: How to Make It A Great Celebration

Important tips to consider before buying a gift for your administrative assistant:

  • Make it personal: as with any gesture of appreciation, it's best to tailor the thank you to the person, their interests and tastes.
  • Keep it a secret: administrative assistants know the ins and outs of every office. Keeping this gesture a surprise will add to the element of consideration and thought behind the gift and celebration.
  • Make it a team effort: the work of administrative assistants helps make everyone's job at the office that much easier. Get everyone on the team involved and amplify the impact of this special day.
  • Make it meaningful: as with any gift, showing appreciation with a thoughtful, high-quality, locally sourced item is essential when giving thanks to your administrative assistants.

Team Spirit: How to Unite the Team in Celebration

Celebrating multiple administrative professionals in one day can be a delightful challenge, requiring thoughtful planning and creativity. Here are some fun and inclusive ways to recognize the collective efforts of these invaluable team members:

  • Host a Team Appreciation Breakfast or Lunch: Gather all the administrative assistants for a special breakfast or lunch event. It's a great opportunity for them to bond and feel appreciated as a group.
  • Personalized Appreciation Notes: Write personalized thank-you notes highlighting each assistant's unique contributions. Acknowledge their hard work and dedication, making them feel seen and valued.
  • Team-building Activities: Organize team-building activities or games that encourage collaboration and camaraderie. This fosters a positive team spirit and strengthens their working relationships.
  • Gift Exchange: Consider organizing a gift exchange among the administrative assistants. Set a budget and let them exchange thoughtful tokens of appreciation. It adds an element of surprise and joy to the celebration.
  • Recognition Ceremony: Hold a brief recognition ceremony where each assistant is acknowledged in front of their peers and supervisors. Give certificates or small awards to commemorate their achievements.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: Invest in their growth by offering professional development opportunities, such as workshops, online courses, or subscriptions to industry publications. This gesture shows your commitment to their continuous learning and development.
  • Team Outing: Plan a team outing or an evening event where they can relax and enjoy each other's company outside the office environment. Whether it's a dinner, movie night, or a fun activity, it creates lasting memories and strengthens their bond as a team.

By incorporating these ideas, you can celebrate the collective achievements of your administrative professionals, fostering a positive work culture and reinforcing their vital role within the organization.

7 Gift Baskets Perfect for Administrative Professionals' Day

Bona Fide Foodie

Is your admin a local foodie who always knows about the latest restaurant opening? Someone who keeps everyone up-to-date on the newest cafe or the latest food trends. Treat them to a gourmet gift basket full of locally sourced goods. Our Toronto Foodie, or Local Gourmand gift baskets never fail to satisfy.

Wellness Obsessed

If wellness and spa days are more their thing, you've hit the jackpot! Look no further than our spa gift baskets. From our Beauty Sleep box to our Staycation gift basket, your admin will arrive at work feeling brand new.

Gift featuring of spa items: eye mask, chocolate, tea, bath salts, essential oils

Chocolate Lover

Spotted: a chocolate stash on their desk—every. single. time. What chocolate lover would be disappointed by a box of goods from Canada's top chocolate makers? Think award-winning chocolatiers breaking the boundaries of the craft while delighting the most discerning palates all at once. Our best-selling chocolate gift baskets: Salute the Six and The Confectionist are always a big hit with chocolate fanatics.

Gift featuring chocolate treats

Quebec's Finest

Are you based in Quebec? Make it a regional celebration and choose locally sourced products from top artisans. Our Casse Croute gift basket celebrates the finest Quebecois makers, offering a delectable showcase of the region's best flavours and craftsmanship.

Gift featuring snacks and treats

The Baking Boss

Is your secretary always whipping up tasty treats for the office? Lucky you! This is your chance to give appreciation to your office treats MVP, by gifting them a basket filled with sweet, handpicked treasures. From cookies, caramel popcorn and more–let the sugar rush begin!

Our top suggestions? You can't go wrong with our Sugar Beach, C-Sweet, A Tip O' The Hat or Bon Matin gift baskets.

Gift featuring breakfast items: pancake mix, maple syrup, tea, hot chocolate

Ultimate Desk Snacker

Do chips, crackers, or nuts often grace your admin's desk? We've got the perfect basket! Treat your favourite desk snacker to a box filled with top-notch snacks for their 3 pm craving. Our Cubicle Party or Fancy-Full boxes are the ultimate snack havens for those who can't work without biting into something good.

Gift featuring treats and snacks

Desk Glow Up

Ah, we all know that one colleague who's in a constant battle with the office's thermostat!

If that's your administrative assistant, say hello to our House Warmer gift box—their secret weapon against the office chill. Packed with a snug Turkish throw, local honey to sweeten the mood, and a stash of warming tea, it's the ultimate cozy companion for our frosty friends who always get the job done.

Gift featruing blanket, tea and honey

How to Keep Your Surprise a Secret

As mentioned earlier, surprises often make the best gestures of appreciation. Here are our tips to ensure this surprise stays under wraps from your all-knowing admin:

  • Master the art of deception: Embrace your inner secret agent and get creative with your methods. Disguise the gifts in unexpected packages or use playful decoys to throw off any potential spies.
  • Create a gift guardians team: Enlist a few trustworthy colleagues as your "gift guardians." These allies can help you with the covert operation, ensuring the surprise remains hush-hush until the big reveal.
  • Implement operation stealth delivery: Schedule deliveries at strategic times when the recipient is least likely to be around. Sneak in the gifts under the cover of darkness (or during lunch breaks) to maintain the element of surprise.
  • Practice the poker face: If you're directly involved in the surprise, channel your best poker face. Maintain a professional demeanour, keeping your excitement under wraps. A well-practiced poker face can be your secret weapon in preserving the mystery.
  • Embrace the code of silence: Remind everyone involved about the importance of the surprise and the joy it will bring. Encourage your team to embrace the code of silence, emphasizing that loose lips sink ships. With a playful spirit and a united front, your surprise will remain a delightful mystery until the grand reveal on Professional Administrative Day!

Professional Administrative Assistant Day is one day a year, but your admin's contributions happen all year round. As with all kinds of workplace appreciation, we recommend showing your appreciation all year round to improve company morale, productivity and retention. But you don't have to go big every single time. A simple thank you, greeting card or a handwritten message will also do. For more pointers about employee appreciation, visit our blog for more.

Happy Administrative Professionals' Day!

As Professional Administrative Day draws near, let's embrace the opportunity to honour the administrative professionals who make our workplaces thrive.

Now that you're ready to show your appreciation meaningfully, making your admin feel valued and cherished is as easy as a few clicks.

Remember, a heartfelt gesture or a thoughtful gift can go a long way in expressing gratitude. Let's celebrate these unsung heroes not just on this special day, but every day, acknowledging their hard work and dedication. Here's to the administrative professionals—may your contributions continue to shine, and may your Professional Administrative Day be filled with joy, recognition, and heartfelt gestures!

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