Are Alcohol Gift Baskets a Good Corporate Gift?

alcohol gift baskets

For those who enjoy wine, spirits, or liquor, a thoughtfully selected alcohol gift basket may seem like the perfect gesture.

And while that might be true for people in your personal life, it's tricky when it comes to corporate gifts.

Alcohol is a controversial gift for reasons that may not be obvious. Consider how much you know about the person.

Why Alcohol Gift Baskets May Not Suit Every Recipient

  • Personal struggles with alcoholism or addiction. Many recovering addicts aren't necessarily open about their battles with alcohol, especially in their professional environments.
  • Challenging family history with alcohol. People with relatives that have a history of alcoholism may have strong aversions to alcohol.
  • Religion. Some of the religions that may avoid alcohol include branches of Christianity, Muslims, Jainism and Buddhists.
  • Personal preference. Some people avoid alcohol for weight loss, health, mental well-being and athletic goals. Others only like certain types of alcohol.
  • Corporate policies. Some workplaces have corporate policies about receiving alcohol.

Build Better Relationships With The Right Gift

Gifts are about building and nurturing relationships and you jeopardize that if the gift offends the receiver. When gifting alcohol it's important to be 100% certain that it will be well received. In a professional setting, it's always best to err on the side of caution when selecting an alcohol gift basket.

When selecting a gift for someone consider its purpose:

  • Is it for a business or personal milestone?
  • Are they a client or employee?
  • Is it going to a group or an individual?

By customizing the gift so it's appropriate to the occasion, you'll create a more meaningful experience.

If the gift will be received in the person's workplace, it's an opportunity for them to also receive public recognition and feel special.

Obviously, we are big fans of gift boxes. The experience of receiving a box, opening it and finding beautifully curated items gives people a prolonged experience of joy compared to opening a gift bag that clearly has a bottle inside.

Whatever you decide, put yourself in the receiver's shoes, how would you feel if you received the alcohol gift basket? Does it feel meaningful?

If you need help selecting a gift for any occasion, check out our gift guide below to help you decide on the right type of basket for the occasion. For the reasons outlined above, our gift baskets do not come standard with alcohol; but, you do have the option of including it as an add-on to your gifts, just give us a call. 

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