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Domenica Fiore Olive Oil Is 5 Million Years in the Making

Saul Good recently had the pleasure of touring behind the scenes at the Estate of Vancouver's own, Domenica Fiore in Orvieto, Italy. We stopped by the estate to discover how Cesare Bianchini, Direttore, makes legendary olive oil and why it has been winning awards across the globe year after year.

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Fostering Local collaborations in Toronto

When David Chow makes delectable treats, he often finds inspiration from his community. “It is all about starting with the best local ingredients I can find and many of these ingredients are made by local artisans and food producers”, David explains as he mixes a giant pot of melting chocolate.

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Honey sweetens our local economy

The honey we feature in our local gourmet gift baskets is from Mellifera Bees. It is unprocessed and infused with organic and fair trade ingredients from independent BC businesses.

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An ordinary warehouse improving local business & local economy

Starworks provides accessible jobs for adults with barriers to employment and scalable business solutions that help local companies to grow. This self-sustaining enterprise thrives, because they do great work. Today we're showing you a behind the scenes look at Starworks.

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3 Brilliant BC Artisan Mompreneurs

As we approach Mother's Day, we want to acknowledge the unique brilliance of BC artisan mompreneurs. The awesome women we are featuring here are just three examples of many fantastic artisan momprenuers in BC.

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Capturing BC summer in jars & bottles

Behind the scenes at Vista D'Oro farms.

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Take a Day Trip to a Heritage BC Farm

Our trip to Westham Island Herb Farm.

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Artisanal entrepreneurship - a delicious plot twist

Today we're shining light on Catherine Anderson, founder of Hidden Garden and Trugs Gourmet. It's local entrepreneurs like Catherine that inspire innovation in our local economy and keep BC fresh and delicious.

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Where the streets are paved with kale

You may have encountered Sole Food Farms in Vancouver's Downtown core or enjoyed their produce in meals at your favourite local restaurant. This innovative social enterprise demonstrates how we can address social, environmental and economic issues through thriving local business. Sole Food has been growing since we first met Seann Dory in 2009 on a rooftop in Stathcona. He was dreaming about transforming empty parking lots into vibrant urban farms. It has been inspiring to see how...

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How sharing is good for your Vancouver business

Written by Christabel Shaler - Saul Good Gift Co. Community Manager   The sun was setting over the shoreline of Cortes Island as I built sandcastles with children covered in face paint and blackberry stains. It was 2004 and I was working as a nanny to save up for my next semester at the University of British Columbia. During these long summer days, I was invited to participate in conversations with the family I worked for. They were involved in social ventures and taught me about...

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