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Celebrating Mothers and Mother Figures - Mother's Day Gifts Ideas

  She's your no.1 fan, your greatest confidant, and your best friend. And now it's time to show her just how much you care. Finding the perfect gift that's filled with meaning has never been easier thanks to our selection of carefully-curated mother's day gift baskets .  We know it’s hard to select the perfect gift for the mom who does it all. To help, we’ve put together a list of our top mother’s day gift basket ideas for moms, mothers-in-law, grandmothers,...

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6 Tips for A Memorable Employee Appreciation Day

It's that time of year again! Every first Friday of March, Employee Appreciation Day arrives to help us show gratitude to our special teams. But a simple pat on the back just won't do it for this holiday.

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4 Team-Building Tips to Kick Off The New Year Right

As your team prepares to welcome the new and wave goodbye to 2022, it's time to greet a new year with renewed optimism and build on successes while leaving failures behind.  As a leader, your task is to motivate and energize your team to meet their goals. But successful and happy teams don't just happen by chance. It takes months–even years–of nurturing to grow into one that remains energized enough to chase aggressive targets and overcome obstacles along the way.

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Building Meaningful Company Culture In A Remote World

Modern office space, free meals, and maybe a ping-pong table or two. That's what attractive company culture used to look like. But as many make the transition to hybrid work, how do you keep your office and company culture alive and well? It's true, fancy in-office perks are cool, but they're no substitute for meaningful, and often unseen factors that shape the vitality of an organization. Think values, ethics and behaviour. But how do these show up in the everyday? It's in how you...

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What to Write in A Card + 26 Meaningful Messages To Get You Started

When you've chosen a meaningful gift, a meaningful message is a natural companion. But do you often find yourself wondering what to write when it comes time to pen your message? Whether you're celebrating a birthday, thanking a friend or wishing someone a speedy recovery, your words can truly warm the hearts of your loved ones, so it's only natural that you'd feel pressure at this moment. The good news is anyone can master the art of writing a touching greeting card. And after 16...

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8 Feel-Good Ideas for Memorable Corporate Holiday Events

We've all been to one too many office parties that bring on the blahs, but we can tell you're ready to shake things up this holiday season! Leave the boring office party to the company across the hall, and deliver your hardworking team an experience they'll look forward to every single year. Make Them Laugh No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays, laughter always makes things memorable! Whether you're delivering a speech, putting together a recap video or including a thank...

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10 All-Canadian Gifts for Everyone on Your Holiday List

'Tis officially the season for giving, and we're all searching for the perfect gifts to celebrate the loved ones on our lists. But you don't have to search far and wide for meaningful presents–have a look in your own backyard. The best that Canada has to offer is just waiting for you to start gifting! From chocolate makers to savoury treats and self-care favourites to home essentials, our gift boxes are full of products from Canada's best artisans and brands. So whether you're...

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12 Do's and Don’ts of Corporate Holiday Gifting

What better time than the holidays to show your clients, employees, or partners a dose of meaningful appreciation? But with so many of us exchanging gifts during this festive time, the gifting journey often brings up some unexpected hurdles that we'd all love to avoid. Luckily, we've been delivering corporate gifts across Canada and around the world for 16 years and are here to help make this journey smooth this season. So if corporate holiday gifting leaves you with a sense of...

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Best of Toronto: The Ultimate Guide to Snacks in The Six

There's no shortage of gourmet destinations in Toronto, but with so much choice, it's time to pick out the best of the best. We've been locally-sourcing snacks since 2006 and know a delicious treat when we see one. So now it's time to share them with you all! From decadent chocolate makers to French boulangeries, dessert spots, and online chocolate shops, our favourites are all here.  The best part? You can get most of these yummy treats delivered straight to your...

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Employee Appreciation 101 - 3 Ways to Praise The Right Way

Employee appreciation is a big buzzword these days but how does it impact your bottom line. Learn why it matters and grab our tips on how to do it well.

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