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I love it when things land in your lap. When you're on a path, putting energy in a certain direction, I'm always amazed how things find you. Over the last 4 years I've been on a search for the freshest, best tasting food products made in British Columbia. I was recently approached by Dyana Biagi the creator of Aji Gourmet Food Products to learn more about her line of products to be included in our selection of our Vancouver gift baskets.

First impression = Nice label!

I'm a big believer that things need to look real nice for people to pick things up in the store. I know, its superficial, but it's true. If you're packaging isn't spot on, not many people will ever try your product, even if it tastes amazing. Back to Aji ...

So I sat down with Dyana and tried her products, and there's nothing ordinary about them. So this 'salsa' Aji that I tried tasted great on a chip by itself. Check, nice, I'm down with salsa, but wait .... she mashed up some avocados and mixed them with the Aji and voila ... a super tasty guacamole! Boooom! And that's not all. If you add ketchup to Aji you get a zingy cocktail seafood sauce and if you add a mayo or sour cream and get a flavourful tarter sauce. Definitely not ordinary!

You'll be able to find Aji products in our Office Party gift baskets in the near future.

Top 3 things we like about Aji

1) Tastes like its made from fresh vegetables. That's because it is.

2) Lots of ways to use it. Not just a salsa or condiment, Aji can be used to make guacamole, seafood sauce, tarter sauce, on ribs, etc. For more ideas see the Aji site.

3) Local. Local producers, local food and the local economy. That's how we roll!